Premium UV Central HVAC Air Purifier


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Premium UV Central HVAC Air Purifier

  • UVC lights sterilize 96.3% of the air in your home or business
  • Totally ozone-free
  • No filters to change
  • Safe & effective

Breathe easy knowing the air in your facility or home has been cleaned with the safe UVC technology of our Premium UV Central HVAC Air Purifier.

Energy efficient windows and doors are wonderful at keeping pollutants out, but they also trap pollutants such as smoke from tobacco, wood burning, and cooking; gases from cleaning products and building materials; dust mites; mold; and pet dander, along with bacteria and viruses. These all can contribute to an unhealthy indoor environment, and lead to health issues.

Designed for easy installation in HVAC ducts, the high quality, long life, high intensity UVC bulbs work to effectively kill these pollutants as the air flows through, including pathogenic microorganisms, with the ability to treat airflow up to 9800 feet/hr. Simply drill a small triangle-shaped hole in the air duct, install the purifier with included screws, and plug in.


  • High intensity 254nm wavelength UV-C light kills bacteria, viruses and pollutants at a 96.3% sterilization rate/hour
  • Easy, simple installation
  • Energy efficient solution
  • Purify the air in your entire facility or home
  • Long lamp lifespan
  • Safe & reliable

Sectors for Use

  • Office Buildings
  • Residences
  • Fitness Centers
  • Educational Facilities
  • Any facility with a central air conditioning system, fan coil system, or HVAC system

What's Included

  • (1) Premium UV Central HVAC Air Purifier
  • Screws for installation
  • User manual

How does UVC purification work?

UVC lights harness the power of photocatalysis to kill all kinds of nasty air pollutants and turn them into harmless substances instead, purifying the air.

When air passes through the purifier, the photocatalyst within the photocatalytic reactor is activated under UV radiation. The UV light leads to an oxidation decomposition reaction, decomposing oxygen and water in the air into superoxide ions O2- and hydroxyl radical ·HO, which decompose organic compounds in the air and destroy cell membranes of any bacteria and viruses, causing them to die. When the UV light activates the photocatalyst, it also directly irradiates air to double the bactericidal efficacy.

Simply put, UV-C lights transform the harmful chemicals, bacteria, viruses and pollutants in the air and effectively destroy them.

Lamp Life/Wavelength 9,000 hours/254 nm wavelength
Power Supply 110V/220V
Power 17W
Treated Airflow 9,800 sq ft/hr
Wind Drag < 30pa
Sterilization Rate (1hr) > 96.3%
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