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Meet The Team

We're a dynamic group of big thinkers with an abundance of unique abilities, talents, and quirks.
One thing we share in common is particulary important and quite possibly our most valuable asset: we love what we do.
Meet the team behind Zogics.

  • Paul Leblanc

    Paul LeBlanc

    Founder & CEO
  • Christopher Kautz

    Christopher Kautz

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Jeff Stripp

    Jeff Stripp

    Chief Revenue Officer
  • Misti Mitchell

    Misti Mitchell

    Director of Logistics & Fulfillment
  • Jon Pierotti

    Jon Pierotti

    Creative Director
  • Tom Craig

    Tom Craig

    VP of Business Operations
  • Justin Mairo

    Justin Mairo

    Warehouse Manager
  • Jessice O'Brien

    Jessica O'Brien

    Sales & Service Manager
  • Angelo Gelpi

    Angelo Gelpi

    Assistant Warehouse Manager
  • Liam Tierney

    Liam Tierney

    Account Manager
  • Brianna Carter

    Brianna Carter

    SEO Manager
  • Christina Andersen

    Christina Andersen

    Account Manager
  • Bridget Brazie

    Bridget Brazie

    Content Marketing Manager
  • Crystal Missaggia

    Crystal Missaggia

    Accounting Clerk
  • Gabe Llyod

    Gabe Lloyd

    Warehouse Specialist
  • Zach McCann

    Zach McCann

    Customer Support
  • Sara Bamgartner

    Sara Bamgartner

    Ecommerce Content Coordinator
  • Zach Hamilton

    Zach Hamilton

    Ecommerce Merchandiser
  • Edisa Mirambel

    Edisa Mirambel

    Operations Administrator
  • Vanessa Mirelez

    Vanessa Mirelez

    Customer Support
  • Kyle Huber

    Kyle Huber

    Warehouse Specialist
  • Maria Furio

    Maria Furio

    Marketing Specialist
  • Tanya Mallillin

    Tanya Mallillin

    Graphic Designer
  • Evan Lyons

    Evan Lyons

    Managing Director at Ardent Fitness Equipment Sales
  • Ginny Lyons

    Ginny Lyons

    Managing Director at Ardent Fitness Equipment Sales
  • Vinny Ciaverella

    Vinny Ciaverella

    Commercial Sales Executive at Ardent Fitness Equipment Sales
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