The Zogics Capital Fund is the M&A and corporate venture capital arm of Zogics with the mission to acquire, launch, or invest in companies that produce products, services, or technologies strategically complementary to our core business.

We deploy capital into respected established brands, high-potential start-ups, and trailblazing innovators.

By injecting our unique accelerant - a potent blend of capital, network, and strategic guidance - we supercharge the growth trajectory and help activate our portfolio companies’ full potential.

The Zogics Capital Fund offers a unique competitive advantage:


Tap into a team of accomplished, growth-minded professionals with winning track records


Harness the power of our brand’s presence and reputation


Access our 138,000+ expanding customer base


Connect to our rich data covering hundreds of thousands of transactions across diverse industries

Where we invest:


Established Brands

E-Commerce Technologies

Artificial Intelligence

Health & Fitness

Commercial Real Estate

Our investment portfolio:

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