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Safety & First Aid Supplies

We offer a full selection of AED accessories to complement our Philips AEDs. Whether you need AED carrying cases, batteries, cabinets, pads, signs, we have what you need to make the most of your defibrillator. The Philips HeartStart defibrillator is the most popular AED sold worldwide and it’s also the only AED available without a prescription. Philips HeartStart FRx Defibrillator is a more durable AED for aquatic centers, pools, traveling sports teams, transporters, utility companies, and golf courses

Our portable First Aid Kitscontain a comprehensive array of carefully chosen products to deal with common emergencies in your facility. From administering CPR, mitigating burns, bandaging wounds, and offering pain medications, these trauma kits have it all. We also offer two SmartCompliance First Aid Cabinets, first aid refills, and signs to remind your employees of First Aid locations and procedures.

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