Surgically Clean Air

Get clean, pure, re-energized air with Surgically Clean Air Purifiers

We can only see about 10% of airborne pollutants in the air we breathe. The rest are too small to see, but not too small to inhale. These invisible pollutants contain a wealth of biological particles which could be harmful to our health. To help remove these airborne pollutants, Surgically Clean Air has developed world-class medical-grade air purification systems.

Learn how to take advantage of the $350 billion American Rescue Plan to improve your indoor air quality
Surgically Clean Air Jade 2.0 in office
Surgically Clean Air Purifiers feature a multi-stage filtration system that removes pollutants that cause an unhealthy indoor environment.

Surgically Clean Air Subcategories

Surgically Clean Air Jade 2.0 display panel

Robust Technology

Surgically Clean Air products are made with premium steel construction, visual sensors for real time air quality monitoring and multiple stages of filtration that capture 99.998%* of airborne particles down to 0.1 microns.

Surgically Clean Air Jade 2.0 in cafe

Whisper Quiet

Noise cancellation through a sound dampening design enables the device to operate at a range of 35dB – 55dB; quieter than most household dishwashers.​

Surgically Clean Air ONYXsca in hospital

Moves A Lot of Air

Easily cleans and purifies large spaces with multiple air changes per hour.​

Surgically Clean Air ONYXsca units

Low Operating Cost

If you combine robust technologies and the capability to move a large volume of air, Surgically Clean Air systems have the lowest cost per cubic foot of air cleaned over a 5-year period.​

62,000,000,000 cubic feet of air cleaned per day with Surgically Clean Air
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