Cool-Space 350 Evaporative Cooler | Big Ass Fans

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Cool-Space 350 Evaporative Cooler | Big Ass Fans

Product Highlights:

  • Quiet, efficient & powerful
  • Resin-treated cooling media
  • 120 V power supply
  • Internal water reservoir, supplied by a standard garden hose
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces

Cool-Space 350 combines direct-drive fan technology, which is powerful yet quiet, with a water supply and saturated cooling medium to provide instant airflow that can decrease the air temperature in your space by up to 33 °F (18 °C). This creates a comfortable environment that ensures the safety and productivity of your people.

Effective Cooling Media

Cool-Space coolers are designed to incorporate the most efficient and durable cooling media in the industry. Compared to other products, Cool-Space's media is thicker, which allows it to evaporate more heat from your space, resulting in a more significant cooling effect. The media is treated chemically and coated with a thermosetting resin to resist the growth of mold and algae, endure frequent cleaning, and prevent dirt and other particles from penetrating into the substrate.

Large Internal Reservoirs

Each Cool-Space cooler only requires a standard garden hose for its water supply. This makes it easy for facility managers to provide immediate spot-cooling wherever needed. Additionally, Cool-Space coolers are designed with large internal reservoirs that provide maximum portability and can operate for hours without being connected to a water source.

Safe, Easy Operation 

Cool-Space makes it easy to maintain the ideal temperature for your space with its variable-speed controls, which allow you to adjust the cooling power by simply turning a dial. For added convenience, all Cool-Space models come with locking swivel casters, an automatic low-water shutoff, and an easily accessible drain plug. Moreover, larger models are equipped with a GFI plug and cord wrap for safe and portable operation.

Powerful, Efficient Motors

Cool-Space coolers feature virtually silent direct-drive motors and variable-speed controls that allow you to deliver precise cooling throughout your facility for a fraction of the cost of traditional A/C. With a range of sizes and horsepower, Cool-Space motors offer the perfect combination of power and efficiency to keep your space comfortable, whether you work in a two-car garage or a massive warehouse.

  • Area Size: up to 2,300 ft2 (213.6 m2)
  • Fan Diameter: 20"
  • Cooling Media: 8"
  • Water Reservoir: 50 Gallon

Manufacturer Warranty

Up to 5 Years

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