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In today's dynamic business environment, a clean and well-equipped workspace isn’t just a luxury—it's a necessity. As you pave the path to success, Zogics is here to ensure your corporate facilities reflect the excellence of your brand. Whether you run a bustling corporate office or a cozy start-up, Zogics offers personalized solutions to match your specific needs.

Disinfecting and sanitizing products for businesses



Alongside our extensive product catalog, we offer a diverse range of solutions tailored for corporate and business needs, all geared towards consolidating your purchasing and helping you buy better.. Our dedicated team is just a call away. From full-facility product quotes to concierge-level service, we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

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Providing healthy, hygienic, & safe environments to workplaces nationwide:


Cleaning supplies for offices


With Zogics' office cleaning supplies, employees can enjoy cleaner, healthier workplaces, leading to higher productivity.

Corporate cleaning supplies

Break Rooms

One of the most highly-trafficked spaces throughout the workday, break rooms will stay neat and tidy with the right corporate cleaning supplies.

Corporate cleaning

Lobbies & Reception Areas

First impressions matter. Welcome guests to your facilities with pristine entryways and let your corporate environment be a testament to your commitment to quality, health, and excellence.

Cleaning supplies for restrooms


Restrooms should always be thoroughly disinfected and meticulously clean, supporting better hygiene and health for employees and guests.

Office gym cleaning

Workplace Wellness Areas

Great places for employees to focus on their health and well-being, wellness areas can also be top spaces for germs and viruses to spread. Our wipes and cleaning supplies keep wellness areas in clean, pristine shape.

AEDs & Safety

Emergency Supplies

Accidents can happen, even at the office. Our selection of first aid and emergency equipment makes sure you’re ready for anything that comes your way.

Office cleaning supplies

Conference Rooms & Public Areas

Clean, sanitized common spaces can reduce the spread of illness and create a cleaner office environment.

Commercial cleaning and disinfecting

Janitorial Supplies

Stock your janitorial closet with Zogics corporate cleaning supplies to be prepared for illness outbreaks as well as day to day maintenance and cleaning tasks.

Testimonials & Reviews

Great choice (The Cleaning Station)

“Don't think of this product as just for gyms. We use many throughout our office space and it works very well. Employee like that we provide a station that has it all. We added paper towels, glass cleaner (for screens) and tissues to the bottom portion of the tower.”

— Terry W.

Great for Office (Tabletop Hand Sanitizer)

“Great size and quality. Fits perfectly in my cars cup holder. Bought several to leave around the office at various sanitation stations. Purchased the Zogics foam sanitizer to go inside, doesn’t leave your hands dry like alcohol.”

— James J.

Return to the office made easier!

“I was having a lot of trouble finding sanitizing products online. My husband found your site, and it's made my job so much easier! Your shipping is fast, and the products are nicely packaged. THANK YOU!!”

— Alison P.

Let Your Facility Shine: Join the Zogics Family

  • Cleaning supplies for small businesses

    Small Businesses

    Zogics provides an extensive selection of cleaning supplies tailored for smaller facilities, ensuring these spaces remain conducive for business and enhancing the experience for clients and staff.

  • Commercial cleaning supplies

    Mid-Size Establishments

    Growing businesses have different needs depending on their industry. With our specialized supplies, medium-sized companies can flaunt their hygiene standards and every business can guarantee a sanitized, safe space for guests and professionals alike.

  • Office cleaning supplies

    Corporations, Franchises and Large Companies

    Navigating the vast expanse of spaces requires meticulous cleaning standards. Zogics’ advanced corporate cleaning supplies are designed to cater to these larger establishments, ensuring every floor, corner, and space gleams with professionalism and invites visitors and guests.


Let us help you and your business find the right products and protocols to keep your staff and guests safe.