Vesper Indoor/Covered Outdoor Residential Electric Heater | Big Ass Fans

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Vesper Indoor/Covered Outdoor Residential Electric Heater | Big Ass Fans

Vesper brings you the perfect harmony of warmth and comfort, redefining the heating experience. With a heating capacity of up to 3200W and coverage area of up to 80 square feet, it extends cozy comfort to your sunrooms, yoga studios, and patios. The result is a seamless integration of style and function, providing a distinct sense of relaxation and tranquility in your living spaces.

Sleek and Soundless Design

In line with the commitment of Big Ass Fans to superior, enduring, and high-performing products, Vesper transitions beyond a simple heating device to a lifestyle companion. Its love for silence and invisibility responds perfectly to your need for uninterrupted serenity. Whisper-quiet operation paired with zero light emission offers just the heater you need - not seen, not heard, only felt!

Durable Construction and Easy-To-Understand Control System

Known for the resilient nature of their products, Big Ass Fans designed Vesper with an extruded aluminum body that withstands everyday wear and tear, accomodating both indoor and outdoor locations. The user-friendly LED indicator provides a quick reference to the device status, ensuring clear, uncomplicated control over your environment. Coupled with the absence of any distracting red glare, Vesper weaves robust durability and simplicity in a single lustrous frame.

Flexible Installation and Generous Heating Range

Integrating into your environment like a silent sentinel of warmth, Vesper offers adjustable wall or ceiling options. Always aiming to please, it aligns itself in just the right space to target its warmth where it matters most. It boasts an impressive coverage area of up to 80 square feet and an astonishing 3200W heating capacity. 

Product Highlights:

  • Premium aesthetic & quiet operation
  • Zero light emission
  • Hardwired 208V and 240V options
  • Adjustable wall or ceiling mounting
  • Suitable for indoor spaces and covered outdoor locations
  • Area Size: up to 80 sq ft
  • Length: 68"
  • Voltage: 208V or 240V
  • Heating Capacity: 3200W

Manufacturer Warranty

IRH: 3 Years

Unit Heater: 1 Year

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