Bio-Spot Carpet Spot Remover, 25 oz Bottle 15/Carton | P&G Proline

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Carpet Spot Cleaner | P&G Proline Bio-Spot Carpet Spot Remover

A powerful carpet spot cleaner specially formulated with three enzyme-producing bacteria strains to eliminate organic soils and problem spots in carpets and upholstery. The Bio-Spot carpet cleaner not only cleans but deodorizes organic stains with an effective surfactant blend.


  • Cleans and deodorizes organic stains 
  • Specially designed to eliminate urine, milk, beer, blood, vomit and other odor causing organic material that is left in carpet backing and upholstery
  • Safe on carpet and water-safe fabrics
  • Leaves the area smelling clean and fresh
  • Designed to be applied directly to affected area
  • Application: Carpet Cleaner
  • Scent: Fruity
  • Physical Form: Liquid
  • Packing Type: Bottle
  • Capacity (Volume): 25 OZ
  • Dirt Type: Beer, Blood, Milk, Organic Soils, Urine, Vomit
  • Applicable Material: Carpet, Carpet Backing, Upholstery
  • Carton (Weight): 30 lbs
  • Carton Pack Quantity: 15 EA
  • Country Of Origin: US