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31-Quart Mop and Bucket Bundle | Rubbermaid Commercial

Revolutionize your cleaning with Rubbermaid Commercial's 31-quart mop and bucket bundle. This compact and all-in-one cleaning solution allows you to say goodbye to the hassle of carrying multiple cleaning tools around and invest in a product that delivers superior performance, durability, and convenience.

The innovative design of this mop bucket allows for better wringing, improved mop performance, and efficient cleaning of any space. With an ergonomic reverse-wringing mechanism, cleaning becomes more comfortable and less strenuous. The holes in both wringing plates force more water from the mop in less time, saving you time and effort.

The built-in lift handles on the bottom of the bucket make lifting and emptying easier than ever before. The one-piece design of the mop bucket makes it a simple and easy-to-use solution with an integrated bucket and wringer. You no longer need to worry about lost parts or additional storage space.

Included in our bundle is a Superjaws Wet Mop Handle, which is a perfect fit for this mop bucket. Its extra durable nylon construction assures a long life for this jaw style closure on the 60" wooden mop handle. We've paired the handle with our Certo General Purpose Mop Head that fits perfectly on this handle. Our most popular all-purpose blend mop, made of a cotton/rayon/synthetic blend with a 5" wide mesh band, this blue 4-ply premium open-end mop is spun for durability and strength.

Product Highlights:

  • All-in-one compact design
  • Reverse-wringing mechanism
  • Integrated bucket and wringer
  • Holes in wringing plates for better water release
  • Built-in lift handles for easy lifting and emptying
  • 4-ply all purpose, premium open-end spun cotton/rayon/synthetic mop head

Rubbermaid Mop Bucket Combination Specifications:

  • Bucket Capacity: 31-quart
  • Handle Length: 33" 
  • Dimensions: 32.3" x 22.6" x 13.3"
  • Color: Yellow

Wilen Superjaws Wet Mop Handle Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 15/16" W x 60" L
  • Material: Wooden/Plastic

Certo General Purpose Wet Mop Head Specifications:

  • Color: Blue
  • Material: Cotton/rayon/synthetic blend
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