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Surfacide Helios UV-C System
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The Surfacide Helios UV-C Disinfection System provides UV-C energy to more exposed areas than single emitters—boosting power, dosage, and efficacy.

Read more about the Helios system, the ways it reduces microorganisms like SARS-CoV-2, MRSA, & VRE, and how to create a cleaner environment at your business with Surfacide.

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Helios® UV-C Disinfection System | Surfacide

Reduce the spread of microorganisms and enhance your cleaning protocols with the Surfacide Helios UV-C low-level Disinfection System. The Surfacide Helios® System is the only patented, UV-C hard surface disinfection solution to use multiple light-emitting robots in a single cycle of disinfection, resulting in greater efficiency in less time.

The Surfacide Helios UV-C system has not been reviewed or approved by FDA and is marketed under FDA's "Enforcement Policy for Sterilizers, Disinfectant Devices, and Air Purifiers During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID 19) Public Health Emergency."

Intended Use: The Surfacide Helios UV-C system is a low-level disinfectant device which reduces, but does not completely eliminate, environmental microorganisms as an adjunct to currently existing cleaning practices and which is not a replacement for or modification to such practices.UV-C energy absorbed by the genetic material (DNA/RNA) of the microorganisms causes a disruption of the nucleotide bonds and formation of thymidine dimers. Surfacide Helios incorporates multiple emitters in unoccupied environments to disinfect non-porous surfaces up to a radius of seven (7) feet from each emitter and within direct line-of-sight. Cycle duration varies by area and is calculated based on laser mapping and defined energy level and distance threshold settings.

Product Highlights:

  • The Helios three emitter system has been internationally certified and credentialed.
  • Laser mapping feature enables Helios to identify exposed surfaces, providing confidence that disinfecting energy has been delivered efficiently and effectively.
  • Two safety motion sensors detect anyone entering the room and will shut off the device instantly, to avoid unintended UV-C exposure.
  • The system includes three emitters at a similar price point of most single emitters.
  • For added flexibility, emitters can be decoupled and utilized individually for small spaces such as bathrooms.

Helios System Features:

Scrub Feature. With the scrub feature, their laser alignment and parabolic concentrator enables Surfacide to do what no other UV system can. The proprietary function allows UV-C energy to be directed into a user-defined area for rapid and precise disinfection. Targeted areas may include multi-bedded bays, portable workstations, surgical tables, etc.

Cloud Database + Connectivity. Helios emitters are connected to the tablet via wireless internet connection and the tablet is connected to the web portal for report viewing via Wi-Fi. Access real-time data and actionable reports.

Software Updates. Surfacide is dedicated to improving their technology and with that comes key software updates that automatically install and update to ensure ease of use.

Multilingual. Need the Tablet, Surfacide App and Manuals in Spanish or French? No problem. Habla español? No hay problema. Nosotros también. Parle français? pas de problème. Nous aussi.

Easy Setup. Implementation specialists with EVS experience will spend multiple days on-site to ensure your environmental services team is trained and ready to take charge of your UV-C program.

Technical Support. Surfacide is dedicated to solve issues quickly and effectively and when necessary will provide a specialist onsite to ensure the Helios systems are fully operational.

Total Care Service Plans. Surfacide provides flexible service and software programs that work best for your institution. Partner with Zogics and Surfacide to take care of your maintenance and software updates for worry-free customer service.

American-made Innovation:

Founded in 2010, Surfacide is designed, engineered and manufactured in the US. They are leading the UV-C market with comprehensive advancements providing you the power to do more. Their easy-to-use technology was purposefully engineered from top to bottom for unmatched performance and mobility.

  • Quantity: 3 Towers
  • Height (Single Emitter): 77"
  • Width (Single Emitter): 17.5"
  • Depth (Single Emitter): 17.5"
  • Weight (Single Emitter): 120 lbs
  • Lamp Wattage: 156 W
  • Lamp Current: 1.2 A
  • Lamp Voltage: 130 V

Standard One Year Manufacturers Warranty and One Year SURFcare Extended Warranty

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