HUBSCRUB™ Model 20/80-UV with Ultra-Violet Disinfecting Technology | The HUBSCRUB™ Company

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HUBSCRUB Model 20/80-UV with Disinfecting Technology | Ultra-Violet | The HUBSCRUB™ Company

The most comprehensive disinfection system for patient care equipment with the highest level of protection, combining cleaning chemicals and proven UV technology, HUBSCRUB UV uses liquid disinfectants (Concentrate or Ready To Use) plus UV lights to eliminate pathogens on mobile medical equipment such as wheelchairs, beds, and more. The model 20/80 accommodates larger size wheelchairs, carts, geri chairs, broda chairs , split rental beds, and many other combinations of different washable equipment.

In approximately seven minutes the disinfection cycle is complete. The wash and rinse cycles are first completed, and then the UV lamps come on for a measured period of time. The lamps have a life of approximately 2000 hours.  Perfect for hospitals, long-term care facilities, assisted living, rehab facilities, medical equipment providers, recycling organizations and by service businesses to clean and disinfect wheelchairs and other durable medical equipment.

Product Highlights:

  • Cleans and disinfects patient care equipment like wheelchairs
  • Improves staffing productivity
  • Dependable cleaning and disinfection quality
  • Improves patient safety
  • Technology built to enable providers to do their jobs better

Used In: 

  • Hospitals
  • Rehab Clinics
  • LTC
  • Assisted Living
  • CCRC
  • Equipment Providers
  • Recycling/Reuse Organizations
  • Service Businesses

Advanced Automation: HUBSCRUB's automation improves productivity, delivers consistent quality and is less dependent on scarce resources. What sets us apart is HUBSCRUB takes care of itself by doing maintenance functions automatically such as; self-cleaning chemical residue in tubing and devices, automatic restarts when filter screens are too soiled, automatic change of detergent amounts based on soiled equipment. Touchscreen technology informs the user through all operations. Internet connectivity for remote access.

Infection Prevention: HUBSCRUB is the most comprehensive disinfection system for patient care equipment with the highest levels of protection. Technologies such as; ultra-violet (UV), misting, tablets and liquids for the most demanding needs. HUBSCRUB's programmable features keeps your system current for that unexpected pathogen and that new disinfectant.

Mobility: HUBSCRUB was built to move on day 1. Moving HUBSCRUB to where equipment is located is the most cost-effective, most productive, and greatly increases frequency for cleaning and disinfection.

Multi-Purpose: HUBSCRUB is more than a wheelchair washer. Proven design with a wrap around rotating high-pressure spray system that is very effective for all shapes of equipment. In addition, HUBSCRUB's UV technology provides the opportunity to disinfect non-washable equipment.

Service Business: HUBSCRUB pioneered the service business for healthcare facilities with over 20 years of experience. Independent companies daily bring HUBSCRUB to facilities for cleaning and disinfection of their patient care equipment.

Premium Support: HUBSCRUB Connect is an internet connection to communicate with HUBSCRUB systems to monitor performance, diagnose issues, make corrections and updates. It's like having a HUBSCRUB Technician right at your doorstep.

  • Weight: 385 lbs
  • Exterior Overall: 38.5" W X 61.5"H X 64.5" L
  • Wash Chamber Interior Available Space: 31.25" W X 49" H X 54.5" L
  • Wash Chamber Door Opening: 33.25" W X 42.25" H
  • Material: Aluminum 13 gauge. Welded seams
  • Internal sink and floor: Stainless Steel
  • Micro-processor: Software programmable. New revisions for updates through communications or cartridge insert
  • Display: Touchscreen with extensive information features. USB entry for pdf information files to include; Maintenance, training, repair and video
  • Wash pump/motor: 1HP Centrifugal Booster pump, 7 stages, noryl impellers, rated 180 degrees F, overload protection
  • Drain pump/motor: 1/3HP Centrifugal pump, flow rate 6 gallons a minute
  • Spray pump/motor: 1/8hp, 24vdc, Permanent magnet, low amp, up to 130psi.

Optional Features and Accessories:

  • Parts cleaning switch with variable spray arm control
  • Variable spray arm speed control
  • Quick disconnect drain and water fill fittings in stainless steel
  • HUBSCRUB connect
  • Personal spray attachment
  • Parts basket
  • Handheld power dry unit
  • HUBSCRUB mat and towel
  • Adjustable ramps
  • Parts rack

Manufacturer's Warranty:

100% warranty on parts and labor for 1 year

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