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Surgically Clean Air Jade 2.0 | HEPA Air Purifier

Majestic and modern, Surgically Clean Air's Jade 2.0 Air Purifier is an aesthetically pleasing upgrade for any facility. This steel constructed air purifier is built to last and engineered to run quietly and efficiently. The air purifier has an advanced filtration system that not only filters pollutants but minimize facility odors, and removes harmful particles, pollutants and airborne contaminants. Easily move it between rooms, from medical to residential environments; the Jade 2.0 air purifier is an excellent upgrade for any room.

We carry filter replacements for this air purifier. Stock up on the carbon filter and HEPA filer replacement. Don't forget to get an extra Germicidal UV-C lamp.

Product Highlights:

  • Large control screen
  • High volume of air intake for quick filtration
  • Timer setting for consistent air quality
  • Remote controlled for ease of use
  • Energy-optimized for operation

How Surgically Clean Air Purifiers Work

The commercial-grade air purifiers draw large volumes into the unit via the air intake system. Contaminants are captured using the most proven, powerful filtration available: HEPA and activated carbon. Surgical Clean Air Purifiers go a step further by using the power of UV-C+ Lamp to eliminate the spread of airborne pathogens. The clean, filtered air is then revitalized with negative ions before being pushed back into the room.

  • Permanent Pre-Filter: Cleans large particles
  • Ultrafine Aerosol Particulate Filter: HEPA-Rx
  • Activated Carbon: Removes odors
  • UV-C + Lamp: Eliminates airborne pathogens
  • Revitalizing Negative ION Chamber: Makes air easier to breathe
  • Dimensions: 35.2" H x 12.4" D
  • Weight: 31.9 lbs.
  • Finish: Powder coated metal
  • Speeds: 4 speed fan
  • Certifications: UL Tested and Certified based on UL/CSA safety standards, California Air Resources Board (CARB) Ozone Emissions Tested & Certified: Maximum 0.02 ppm ozone as per UL 867 - ozone chamber testing and peak ozone test for electronic devices.


Filter Life

  • 1. Activated Carbon Filter needs to be replaced once every 6 months (running 24/7).
  • 2. HEPA-Rx Filter needs to be replaced once a year (running 24/7).
  • 3. UV-C+ Bulb needs to be replaced once a year (running 24/7).
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