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GotFreshBreath Mouthwash Dispenser

GotFreshBreath Mouthwash Dispenser (refills & cups sold separately) The Manual Mouthwash Dispenser is GotFreshBreath’s pioneering unit used by thousands of locations across the United States. It was designed from the ground up for commercial...

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GotFreshBreath Mouthwash Refill (6 Bottles) + Cups

GotFreshBreath Mouthwash Refill Case includes all the supplies needed to go with your Mouthwash Dispensers. Each case comes with six 1.5 liter bottles and your choice of 720, 1440 or 2160 cups (720 ct. is standard count per measured volume dispensed,...

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Cool Mint Listerine Mouthwash (2 gallons/case)

Features Pleasant-tasting antiseptic solution Helps provide protection against germs that cause plaque and gingivitis Volume: 1 gallon Quantity: 2 gallons/case

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