GotFreshBreath Mouthwash Manual Dispenser

10.00 LBS
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GotFreshBreath Mouthwash Manual Dispenser

The Manual Mouthwash Dispenser is GotFreshBreath’s pioneering unit used by thousands of locations across the United States. It was designed from the ground up for commercial use, is fully tamper-proof, and helps control the amount of mouthwash that is dispensed.

Product Highlights: 

  • Precise dispensing for no waste or mess
  • Tamperproof design ensures both mouthwash and cups are stored safely
  • Can be self-standing on a counter or mounted to a wall
  • Tested and approved in high traffic areas

GotFreshBreath Mouthwash Refills


GotFreshBreath Slim Refills (sold separately)

Attention: This system is exclusively compatible with GotFreshBreath Slim Mouthwash Refills and will not support alternate vendor products.

  • Color: Black, White or Nickel
  • Size: 10.25" W x 18.25" H x 4" D
  • Valve: Mechanical battery-less
  • Locking: Fully locking outer case for mouthwash
  • Uses: 600 uses per case
  • Install: Both wall-mounting or self-standing
  • Compatibility: Exclusively compatible with GotFreshBreath Slim Mouthwash Refills
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