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GotFreshBreath Auto Mouthwash Dispenser - New Design!

NEW Auto Mouthwash Dispenser is freshly designed to take offering mouthwash to a whole new level. This fully-enclosed, new style dispenser has a custom-designed electronic valve, created specifically to dispense 15 milliliters of mouthwash into a paper cup at the push of a button. ​

What's Included

  • 1 GotFreshBreath Mouthwash Dispenser


The dispenser fully encloses the mouthwash bottles and cups inside of a locking, tamper-proof, outer shell. This ensures that both the mouthwash and cups are stored in a clean environment and eliminates the risk of people tampering with the mouthwash. It also provides comfort in knowing that the unit dispenses mouthwash in a safe and sanitary way. The dispenser holds a 1.5 liter bottle, good for 100 uses, and can accommodate 50 cups at a time.


This mouthwash dispenser is both wall-mounting and self-standing. However, we recommend that the dispenser be mounted to the wall to help prevent the unit accidentally getting knocked over or broken, particularly in environments with high traffic. For additional installation instructions, check out this useful video.

Mouthwash Refill Case

The compatible Mouthwash Slim Refill Case includes all the supplies needed to go with your Mouthwash Dispenser. It comes with eight 1.5 liter bottles and a box of 800 cups. A mouthwash refill case lasts an average high-volume location around a month.

  • Color: Black and White. Chrome color is available with Extended Lead Time. 
  • Size: 10" x 18" x 4"
  • Valve: Hands-free electronic
  • Locking: Fully locking outer case for mouthwash
  • Installation: Both wall-mounting or self-standing
  • Compatibility: Exclusively compatible with New GotFreshBreath Slim Mouthwash Refills