Philips HeartStart FRx Defibrillator, Infant/Child Key

2.00 LBS
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Pediatric Mode

The Philips FRx Infant/Child key reduces the energy output of a Philips FRx AED, which allows you to use the adult pads on pediatric patients. When the key is inserted into the FRx, the AED automatically switches to pediatric mode. As a result, the device reduces its energy, while providing voice prompts geared to pediatric care. The infant/child key is used to treat children under 55 lbs. – or less than 8 years old.

Product Highlights:

  • FRx infant/child key immediately puts the AED into pediatric mode
  • Can be used over and over again
  • Never needs to be replaced
  • Never expires
  • For children under 55 lbs or less than 8 years old
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