Zogics Enzyme Enriched Floor Cleaner & Deodorizer (1 Gallon or Case of 4)



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Discover the Power of Enzyme Cleaning for Your Floors

Experience unparalleled cleaning power with our Enzyme Floor Cleaner. This concentrated, enzyme-enriched formula delivers deep cleaning for various surfaces, brightening and deodorizing high-traffic areas. Its unique and safe biological action continues to work between your cleaning intervals, keeping your floors spotless all day.

• Deep Clean: Enzyme-enriched formula penetrates surfaces deeply
• Cost-Effective: Yields up to 32 gallons of usable cleaning solution
• Eco-Friendly: Concentrated format reduces single-use plastic waste

Enzyme Floor Cleaner

Cost-effective concentrate format

Lowered environmental impact and eco-friendly formula

Lowered environmental impact and eco-friendly formula

Concentrated cleaning products save storage space

Concentrated cleaning products save storage space

Reduces plastic waste by eliminating single-use bottles

Reduces plastic waste by eliminating single-use bottles

Zogics Commercial Cleaning Chemicals

Keep your facility at its cleanest, one room at a time

Zogics offers a diverse range of commercial cleaning chemicals, including disinfectants, all-purpose, and bathroom cleaners, ensuring affordability and effectiveness for maintaining a safe, spotless facility.

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Unmatched Cleaning Power with Enzyme Floor Cleaner 

Our Enzyme Floor Cleaner is a potent, enzyme-enriched formula that is specifically designed to provide deep cleaning for various surfaces. Whether it's ceramic, quarry tiles, grout, brick, or concrete, your floors will reap the benefits of the cleaner's unique bleaching action that effectively brightens surfaces. Moreover, the inherent biological action ensures continuous maintenance even between regular cleaning intervals, making it the ideal choice for maintaining spotless, fresh-smelling floors.

Eco-Friendly, Cost-Effective Floor Deodorizer

The concentrated formula of our enzyme floor cleaner is not only high performing but also allows for significant cost savings, yielding up to 32 gallons of ready-to-use cleaner per bottle, costing as low as .25 cents per gallon. Additionally, the use of concentrated liquids reduces plastic waste, contributing to a more sustainable cleaning practice. The fully recyclable Zogics bottles further enforce this commitment to environmental responsibility.

Odor Eliminator Floor Cleaner for High-Traffic Areas

This floor cleaner is excellent for high-traffic areas such as food service locations, schools, hospitals, hotels, restrooms, and shower rooms. Its unique formulation guarantees optimal cleaning performance and longevity, while the refreshing spruce scent leaves the cleaned area smelling fresh and inviting. The continuous biological activity reduces grease accumulation, making it an invaluable cleaning resource for managing cleanliness in busy settings.

Safe and Gentle Cleaning with Enzyme Floor Cleaner

The Enzyme Floor Cleaner & Deodorizer boasts a friendly pH level of 8.5 - 9.5, ensuring a safe and gentle cleaning process. It's a no-rinse formula that can be easily applied via mop and bucket cleaning or with automatic floor scrubbers. 

Caution: Do not mix or use this product with acid, alkaline, or product containing bleach. For use on floors only. Do not use on food contact surfaces.

For Use On:

  • Ceramic tile
  • Quarry tile
  • Grout
  • Brick
  • Concrete

Product Highlights:

  • High performance, enzyme-enriched formula
  • Ideal for use in high traffic areas such as food service locations, schools, hospitals, hotels, restrooms, shower rooms
  • Unique bleaching action that brightens surfaces
  • Inherent biological action for continued cleaning between regular intervals
  • Green and eco-friendly
  • No-rinse formula with comfortable pH level of 8.5 - 9.5
  • Refreshing spruce scent
  • Should not be mixed with acid, alkaline, or bleach
  • Comprehensive cleaning solution for maintaining cleanliness and freshness

The Benefits of Cleaning Concentrates: Cost-Effective and Eco-Conscious Cleaning

Enjoy huge cost savings and contribute to environmental sustainability with Zogics' cleaning concentrates. The concentrated bottles can yield up to 32 gallons of ready-to-use cleaner, costing as low as .25 cents per gallon. This implies substantial savings compared to regular cleaning solutions, making it an economical choice for maintaining large areas. Additionally, because you're diluting a concentrated formula, the amount of plastic waste you discard is significantly less than when using ready-to-use products. One concentrate measure equates to one spray bottle, but hundreds of uses, demonstrating the high efficiency of this cleaning solution. Plus, all Zogics bottles are 100% recyclable. The eco-friendly benefits of our formulas extend even to the packaging, as each empty bottle can be transformed into something new, promoting a circular economy and further reducing your carbon footprint.

Directions for Dilution

Use unheated tap water when diluting product. These directions are flexible rather than specific. In many cases a more dilute solution can be used, while for extreme conditions a less diluted solution may be used.

Apply product by mop, sponge, cloth or autoscrubber on surfaces to be cleaned. Allow a few minutes of dwell time for the solution to penetrate the soil. If necessary, agitate to help remove excessive soils. Wipe dry with clean cloth or rinse thoroughly with clean water as needed.

  • Light Duty Cleaning: Dilute 1-2 ounces of product per gallon of water.
  • Medium Duty Cleaning: Dilute 3-4 ounces of product per gallon of water.
  • Heavy Duty Cleaning: Dilute 6-8 ounces of product per gallon of water.
  • Volume: Single gallon, Case of 4 gallons
  • Color: Green
  • Scent: Spruce
  • pH Level: 8.5 - 9.5
  • Recommended Dilution: 1:16 - 1:128
  • Freeze/Thaw Stability: Keep from freezing
  • Ingredients: Nonylphenol Ethoxylate - (9016-45-9), Tetrasodium ethylenediamine tetraacetate - (64-02-8), Sodium Xylene Sulfonate - (1300-72-7), 2-propenoic acid, 2-methyl-, dodecyl Ester - (142-90-5), Viable Non-pathogenic Bacillus Subtilis cultures - (N/A), Fragrance - (N/A), Dye - (N/A), Water - (7732-18-5).

The Zogics Guarantee

We take pride in our products, which is why we offer a 100% happiness guarantee on all Zogics branded products. Enjoy an extra level of comfort buying our branded products knowing they are backed by a happiness guarantee that never expires. Used Zogics branded products can be returned at any time. Our return policy is simple: just ask and we'll give you a full refund (minus shipping charges).

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