Zogics Rubber Flooring Cleaner for Gyms, 32 oz



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Zogics Rubber Floor Cleaner cleans up chalk

Cleans up chalk

Zogics Rubber Floor Cleaner easily and quickly cleans up gym chalk from your floors for safer & cleaner spaces.

Zogics Rubber Floor Cleaner cleans up sweat from flooring

Removes sweat

Tough workouts bring sweat and grime. Our gym floor cleaner removes sweat and is safe to use daily.

Zogics Rubber Floor Cleaner cuts through grease

Cuts through grease

Our powerful, neutral pH cleaner is a degreaser as well, ensuring your rubber floors are as clean as can be.

Zogics Rubber Floor Cleaner protects flooring over time

Protect your investment

Keep your rubber floors in top condition and looking like new with our non-toxic, low-VOC, biodegradable, concentrated gym floor cleaner.

Zogics Rubber Floor Cleaner | 32oz Single

Designed to Clean & Maintain Rubber Flooring

Concentrated cleaner designed specifically for rubber flooring. Safe for daily cleaning and strong enough for regular deep cleaning. Features low toxicity, low odor (VOCs), and is readily biodegradable. Removes dirt and build-up from all types of rubber flooring. Excellent for use with mop & bucket or automatic floor scrubbers.


  • Available in a single 32oz, case of six 32oz bottles, single gallon, and case of four gallon bottles
  • Green cleaning product meets Green Seal’s environmental standard
  • Non-toxic, low-VOC, biodegradable, concentrated rubber flooring cleaner
  • Cleans up chalk, removes sweat, cuts through grease, & protects rubber flooring
  • Great for use in mop and bucket cleaning or automatic floor scrubbers
  • Neutral pH is safe for rubber flooring

Perfect For Use On:

  • Rolled Rubber
  • Interlocking Tiles
  • Stall Mats
  • Vulcanized & Recycled Rubber
  • & More!

The Benefits of Cleaning Concentrates

Commercial cleaners are sold as either ready-to-use products or in concentrated form for dilution. Using concentrated cleaners has many benefits when it comes to sustainability and getting the most bang for your buck. Read our cleaning guides to discover the benefits of cleaning concentrates.

Directions For Usage

Cleaning your rubber flooring is as easy as 3 steps:

1. Dilute solution in water: 1–2 oz. per gallon with a mop & bucket or floor scrubber
2. Apply to flooring: Use a mop & bucket for routine cleaning and a floor scrubber for routine deep cleaning
3. Let sit, then rinse: Let sit for 5–7 minutes, then mop up or wet vacuum excess with clean water

Volume 32 oz
Weight 1.92 lbs
Color Pink
Scent Fragrance Free
pH Level 6.0 - 7.0
Recommended Dilution 1–2 oz/gallon (mop & bucket)
1–2 oz/gallon (autoscrubber)
Freeze/Thaw Stability Keep from freezing
Ingredients Secondary Alcohol Ethoxylate - (84133-50-6), C8-C10 Ethoxylated, Propoxylated Alcohols - (68603-25-8), Sodium Xylene Sulfonate - (1300-72-7), Potassium Citrate - (6100-05-6), Dye - (N/A), Water - (7732-18-5)

The Zogics Guarantee

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