Bulldog Walk-Behind Multi-Surface Commercial Floor Scrubber, WD26

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Commercial Floor Scrubber | Bulldog WD26 Floor Scrubber

The Bulldog Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber is a versatile, American-made commercial floor scrubber designed to clean a variety of flooring surfaces, and is deal for use in gyms, fitness facilities, and studios along with hotels, restaurants, schools, and more. 

This multi-surface floor cleaner is equipped with two 13 inch disk brushes that are offset from each other in order to avoid any brush lines on your floor, and will effectively remove dirt, water, and grime to leave you with a clean, slip-resistant, and dry flooring surface.

Cleaning Exercise Facility Flooring with the Bulldog WD26

When cleaning rubber sport flooring, gym flooring, and stall mats, we recommend using the Bulldog WD26 with our concentrated Commercial Disinfectant, or our concentrated Rubber Sport Flooring Cleaner & Degreaser.

Our concentrated hospital grade disinfectant (HDIS) is perfect for helping stop the spread of many other harmful germs, bacteria, and viruses in high volume areas like fitness centers, gyms, schools, and other facilities.

Our concentrated Rubber Sport Flooring Cleaner & Degreasers is specifically designed for cleaning vulcanized rubber flooring, and works well with auto scrubbers to clean up chalk, remove sweat, cut through grease, and protect your rubber flooring.


  • Ideal for deep cleaning rubber sport flooring, stall mats, interlocking rubber tile flooring, and other vulcanized & recycled rubber flooring
  • Clean up to 35,000 sqft/hr
  • Simply fill the solution tank and squeeze the trigger to feed cleaning solution onto twin counter-rotating brushes
  • Conveyors recover the dirty water depositing it into the central recovery tank
  • 2 counter-rotating brushes that fully recover liquid from flooring
  • Front brush has an off-center position that puts tip of the brush only 5mm from edge overhang
  • Patented AquaStop brushes have unique outer layer to prevent lateral water spray from machine
  • Remarkable performance resulting from unique 800,000-bristle brushes counter-rotating at 780 RPM actively lifting dirt, water and grime from the floor surface
  • Equipped with 3 rear rubber wheels for safe & easy movement
  • Interchangeable brushes that take only minutes to replace
  • Find compatible Floor Polishing Pads (not included)
  • Full-width double floor squeegee allows for no-leak machine vacuuming
  • Tank with a 90° tilt angle
  • Powered by Two (2) 12-volt batteries (not included)
  • Made in USA
Dimensions 48"L x 26"W x 38"H
Weight 235 lbs (without batteries)
370 lbs (with batteries)
Cleaning Path 26"
Solution Tank 12 gallons
Recovery Tank 13 gallons
Brush Speed 600 RPM
Brush Motor .75 HP (550W)
Vacuum Motor .60 HP
Working Speed 2.3MPH
Working Capacity (sqft/hr) 35,000
Power Source Two (2) 12-volt batteries (not included)
Country of Origin Made in USA

Manufacturer's Warranty:

  • Parts: 3 Years
  • Labor: 1 Year
  • Poly: 10 Years
  • Travel: 90 Days
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