Brush Assist Scrubber with Lead Acid Batteries, BD 20/11L | Tornado

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Tornado Floor Scrubber | Brush Assist Floor Scrubber with Lead Acid Batteries

The Tornado BD 20/11L Compact Scrubber is built for easy operation and maintenance and to reduce cleaning and labor costs in an affordable package. Available in brush assist, this 20" models have no trouble fitting through standard-size doorways and efficiently clean and dry small, congested areas in just one pass. The 48.5 lbs of down pressure and 155 rpm of agitation maximizes soil removal, while the water recovery system provides a streak-free clean that leaves floors dry and safe.

Intuitive controls and pad assist technology reduces the training time for even your most inexperienced employees, while dependable parts and features like the easily accessible design that enables squeegees and brushes to be changed in seconds keeps downtime to a minimum. Clean any time with quiet operation of less than 70 dB and continue to clean for up to four hours. 

Tornado BD 20/11L Brush Assist Scrubber with Lead Acid Batteries includes: (2)12 V, Scrubber Lead Acid Batteries, (1) On-board 24 Volt Charger and (1) Pad Holder (48802010).


  • Available in Brush Assist and Traction Drive
  • Intuitive controls minimizes training time
  • Water recovery system leaves floors safe and dry
  • Easily-accessible design keeps downtime to a minimum
  • Low-profile provides clear sight lines
  • On-board charger
  • Convenient squeegee lever for double scrubbing
  • Optional batteries provides up to four hours of continuous use
  • Model: Brush Assist
  • Catalog Number: TS120-S45-UC
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 43" x21" x41"
  • Net Weight (Empty): 320 lbs (w/ battery): 157 lbs (w/o battery)
  • Sound Level:
  • Solution Capacity: 11 gal
  • Recovery Tank Capacity: 12 gal
  • Tank Construction: Polyethylene
  • Squeegee Width: 31 in
  • Cleaning Path: 20 in
  • Brush Pressure: 48.5 lbs
  • Brush Motor Power: 0.46 hp
  • Brush RPM: 155
  • Productivity Per Hour (Theoretical Max): 17,969 ft²
  • Vacuum Motor Power: 0.6 hp
  • Vacuum Motor Water Lift: 50 in
  • Drive Type: Brush Assist
  • Motor Horsepower: 0.16 hp
  • System Voltage: 24 V
  • Run Time: 3-4 hrs
  • Charger Type: On-board
  • Battery Types: Lead Acid
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