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Wellness Center Wipes

When it comes to gym wipes, our natural disinfectant wipes are the cream of the crop. As our most popular wipe, these chemical-free wipes are incredible, cost-effective and high-quality. Just how cost-effective are they? A case of four rolls gets you 4,600 wipes, for an average of 2.3 cents per square! Who could pass up savings that great? Take a look at these natural sanitizing wipes and see how you can save money while still keeping your facility sanitized and smelling fresh. Need help deciding? Check out our Gym Wipe Buying Guide.

The Ultimate Gym Cleaning Bundle

Wellness Center Wipes + The Cleaning Station Gym Wipe + Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Bundle We created the ultimate cleaning bundle for your fitness facility, since cleanliness and functionality are at the top of your members’ list. With this...

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