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Commercial First Aid Kits

Misadventures happen every day. It’s why we sell a variety of first aid kits, refills, and accessories to business like yours. To help you meet regulations, we also offer SmartCompliance products.  From administering CPR, mitigating burns, caring for wounds, and offering pain medications, these trauma kits have it all. In addition to portable first aid kits, we offer durable cabinets that can be wall mounted, along with refills like aspirin, and bandages. To notify and organize your employees, check out first aid signs, labels and tags.  

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Advil Ibuprofen Tablets, Two-Packs (50 packs/box)

Features Effective for headaches, backaches, muscle aches, menstrual pain, minor arthritis and other joint pain, body aches and pains from the flu Packaged for individual use to replenish first aid stations and kits Quantity: 50 packs/box, 2 boxes

$49.49 $29.95
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First Aid Only CPR/AED Defibrillator Responder Pack

CPR Responder Pack | AED Responder Pack Our responder pack accompanies your AED to assist you in an emergency. This critical supply pack includes: Shears to cut through clothing Razor to shave chest area for better pad connection Gauze pads to dry the...

$30.15 $16.95
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First Aid Only Sports First Aid Kit, 71-piece, SM-134

Sports First Aid This large first aid kit with seperate compartments was developed specifically for sports activities. Containing instant cold compresses, latex-free elastic bandages, moleskin, wound care supplies, antiseptics and a variet of other...

$29.95 $25.40
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Philips Fast Response Kit, 68-PCHAT

AED Companion Kit This high-quality, AED Ready Fast Response Kit is a must-have for facilities everywhere. It comes in a soft red case, and it’s ready-to-use. This Philips kit contains tools and supplies that are typically needed for patient care...

$54.95 $45.95
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First Aid Only, First Aid Guide Refill Kit, FAE6017

First Aid Only First Aid Guide Refill Kit, FAE-6017

First Aid Guide Refill Kit This small first aid kit comes equipped with 10 pieces to help you treat minor injuries. Included in the kit are plastic bandages, alcohol cleansing pads and hand sanitizer. What's Included (1) First Aid Guide, ANSI, 2009...

$6.23 $3.73
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First Aid Only, Scissors, 4.5", FAE6004F

First Aid Only Scissors, 4.5", FAE-6004

First Aid Scissors The unique shape and design of First Aid Only's compact scissors makes them ideal for cutting bandages quickly and efficiently in a first aid emergency. Features Compact, portable, reliable Easy to reorder Dimensions: 4...

$6.23 $3.57
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