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Bobrick Floor Standing Waste Receptacle

Bobrick B-2250 Floor-Standing Swing-Top Waste Receptacle The Bobrick B-2250 Floor-Standing Swing-Top Waste Receptacle is the perfect option for washrooms where a large garbage can is needed, but there is not enough available wall space to accommodate a...

$342.67 $311.52
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Bobrick Open-Top Waste Receptacle

Bobrick B-2300 Open Top Waste Receptacle The Bobrick B-2300 Floor-Standing Dome-Top Waste Receptacle is an attractive, modern-looking option for waste disposal in your commercial restroom. Crafted from 24-gauge stainless steel, the waste receptacle is 31...

$328.08 $298.25
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Bobrick Recessed Waste Receptacle

Bobrick B-3644 Recessed Waste Receptacle The Bobrick B-3644 Stainless Steel Recessed Waste Receptacle is an attractive recessed waste receptacle made of heavy-gauge stainless steel and pieced together with all-welded construction. The waste receptacle...

$189.38 $172.16
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Bobrick Sanitary Napkin Disposal

Bobrick B-353 Sanitary Napkin Disposal Stainless Steel Cleaning and Maintenance Always: Wipe or polish with the grain direction of satin finishes Remove any cleaning or soap residue from stainless surface with water and wipe dry with clean cloth ...

$322.50 $293.18
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Bradley Corp. Recessed Waste Receptacle

Bradley 344 Recessed Waste Receptacle The Bradley recessed waste receptacle is fabricated of heavy gauge stainless steel with seamless exposed surfaces in satin finish. Removable 12 gallon stainless steel waste receptacle secured to cabinet with tumbler...

$225.72 $205.20
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Waste Bucket, 28 Quart (DTC2810)

Waste Bucket, Black, 28 Quart

Waste Basket Ideal for small spaces, the rectangular soft-sided plastic wastebasket is molded of high quality polyethylen for strength and durability. The rolled rim makes pick-up easy, while the patented bag pinch design secures poly liners. Features ...

$10.58 $6.18
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