PURTABS ESPT334MG Disinfecting Tabs (100 tablets/carton)

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Here is a summary of how PURTABS and Protexus Electrostatic Sprayers can help you defend against bacteria and viruses.

Fast Dissolving Disinfection and Sanitizing Tablets

While PURTABS can eradicate up to 99.999% of bacteria and viruses including Monkeypox, they are far gentler than bleach and alternatives on people, the environment and surfaces.

PURTABS are effervescent disinfecting and sanitizing tablets that deliver high performance without the harsh chemicals. PURTABS dissolve in water to produce a variety of strengths that meet the range of needs for every facility. From the low-level sanitization required for food-contact surfaces, to powerful infection control for C. diff in health care settings.

These EPA registered tablets dissolve quickly in water to form a sanitizing solution that is NSF D2 certified safe for food contact surfaces with no rinsing required. 1 tablet dissolved in the Protexus Sprayer Tank gives up to 800 sq. ft. of sanitizing coverage across all hard surfaces. They’re also affordable and practical. Our compact, concentrated PURTABS dissolve quickly in ordinary tap water and eliminate the cost and environmental impact of shipping water across the globe.

Sectors for Use

  • Gyms, Health Clubs, Spas and Salons
  • Daycares, schools, universities
  • Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Medical and Dental Facilities
  • Restaurants, Food Service and Kitchens
  • Ambulances and First Responders
  • Office Buildings, Shopping Centers and Grocery Stores
  • Theatres, Stadiums, Amusements Parks
  • Hotel and Cruise Ships
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Kill claims & dilution rates

PURTABS multi-purpose tablets have many various uses and are available in 3 tablet sizes for easy mixing and precise dilution.
Food contact surface sanitizer (no rinse)
60 second contact time

Concentration: 100 PPM
Dilution: (1) 334 mg tab / 1 qt; (1) 3.3 g tab / 2.5 gal; (1) 13.1 tab / 10 gal
Hospital grade disinfectant claims (bleach alt.)
Cold & flu virus (inc. H1N2), Salmonella & Staph

Concentration: 538 PPM
Dilution: (6) 334 mg tab / 1 qt; (1) 3.3 g tab / 2 qts

Bloodborne pathogen, Herpes & Polio, Norovirus, MRSA & Ecoli, HIV & Hep B claims, Monkeypox, Many animal pathogens

Concentration: 1076 PPM
Dilution: (11) 334 mg tab / 1 qt; (1) 3.3 g tab / 1 qt; (1) 13.1 tab / 1 gal
C. Diff spore
10 minute claim

Concentration: 2153 PPM
Dilution: (2) 3.3 g tab / 1 qt; (2) 13.1 g tab / 1 gal
C. Diff spore
4 minute claim

Concentration: 4306 PPM
Dilution: (4) 3.3 g tab / 1 qt; (4) 13.1 g tab / 1 gal
Emerging pathogen (COVID-19)
4 minute claim

Concentration: 1076 PPM
Dilution: (1) 3.3 g tab / 1 qt; (2) 13.1 g tab / 2 gal
For use with a disinfecting sprayer

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