Febreze Professional Fabric Refresher Deep Penetrating, 5X Concentrate, 36551 (2 gallons/case)

19.00 LBS
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Febreze Deep Penetrating Frabric Refresher

Refresh the fabrics in your business with a light, fresh scent by fighting tough odors with Febreze Professional fabric refresher spray. Patented technology in Febreze fabric refreshers fights odors, so all that your customers can smell is clean.


  • Fights odors trapped in fabrics
  • Heavy-duty formula designed for use in lodging, restaurants and offices
  • Patented binding technology locks on to odor molecules and traps them for good
  • Safe for virtually all fabrics
  • Scent: Fresh Clean
  • Capacity: 1 Gallon
  • Application: Sanitizing & Deodorizing Fabrics
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