PDQ-180 One-Step Disinfectant Cleaner (80 oz, 2/case)

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PDQ-180 One-Step Cleaner | Disinfectant

Effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria, PDQ-180 One-Step Disinfectant Cleaner is your one-stop product for killing germs. This hospital-grade concentrated cleaner is safe on hard non-porous surfaces and will kill SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, in 1 minute. As a virucidal, PDQ-180 kills the HIV virus, flu virus, Rotavirus and Norovirus, making it a great choice for high traffic areas including doctors offices, hospitals, schools and recreation centers. This disinfectant also acts as a fungicidal, and inhibits the growth of mold and mildew and their odors, when used as directed. It leaves behind a relaxing lavender scent and works great with PrecisionFlo dispensers. Update your cleaning game with this killer disinfectant from Misco.

Product Highlights:

  • Cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes in one-step
  • Ready to use (RTU) concentrated formula saves time and money
  • Kills SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) on hard porous surfaces in just 60 seconds
  • Kills flu virus in just 60 seconds contact time
  • Hospital grade disinfectant
  • Calming lavender scent


Refer to original container label for complete use directions.

  • Scent: Lavender
  • Recommended Dilution: 1:125 - 1:256
  • pH: 12.0-13.5
  • Base: Quaternary Ammonium Chloride
  • Foam: Moderate
  • Viscosity: Water Thin
  • Solubility: Complete with water
  • Rinsability: Excellent
  • Detergency: Excellent
  • Storage/Stability: 1 year
  • Quantity: 2 - 80 ounce bottles
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