SmartRags Microfiber Cloths, 12" x 12", 275 GSM (50/box) | Monarch

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Revolutionize Your Cleaning Routine with SmartRags® Microfiber Cloths

SmartRags are specifically designed to be less expensive than regular microfiber cloths, making them the perfect option for high-loss environments that demand a lint-free and effective cleaning option. They come in a compact and consumer-friendly dispenser box that contains 50 precision-cut, seamless microfiber rags that measure 12"x12" in size. Unlike regular microfiber cloths, SmartRags are smaller and more compact making them a popular choice in office environments where cost-effectiveness and efficiency are key priorities. Employees, for example, can easily wipe-and-toss rather than launder cloths. Even healthcare facilities are discovering the benefits of these microfiber rags, which are often discarded after just one use to prevent HAIs (Hospital Acquired Infections). From tackling everyday spill removal and dusting, to cleaning up oily messes, SmartRags are perfect for a wealth of cleaning tasks. Keep a box in the garage, under the sink, or even with your cleaning products.

Product Highlights

  • Precision-cut seamless edges for a lint-free, streak-free clean
  • Compact size and packaging make it ideal for multiple industries and environments
  • Cost-effective option, especially for high-loss environments
  • Versatile enough to tackle a wide range of cleaning tasks at home or in the office
  • Quantity: Box of 50 microfiber cloths
  • Size: 12" x 12"
  • Material: High-quality microfiber for superior cleaning performance
  • Packaging: Consumer-friendly dispenser box for easy storage and access
  • Recommended Use: Can be used dry or damp to effectively remove dirt, dust, and grime from surfaces
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