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Phenolic Team Lockers

Athletic lockers designed for wet & humid locker rooms

  • Designed for athletes icon Designed for Athletes
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  • Full design staff icon Full Design Staff for Layout
  • Resistant to graffiti, scratches, and impact icon Resistant to Graffiti, Scratches, & Impact
  • Customize with team logo icon Customize with Your Team Logo
  • 5-year warranty icon 5-Year 100% Warranty


  • Built to withstand extreme moisture & high-use conditions
  • Resistant to graffiti, scratches, & impact
  • Phenolic construction is a non-wood, solid resin panel that will outlast the competition
  • Designed by athletes for athletes
  • Vented design allows for quicker dry time
  • Endless customization possibilities
  • Made in the USA

Product Specifications

  • Height*: 76"
  • Width*: 24", 30"
  • Depth*: 24"
  • Toe Kick: 4"
  • Locks: High Security Hasp, Ojmar Combi Pro, Ojmar OCS Pro Digital, Ojmar NEXO NLX1 (details below)

*Custom sizes available

Market Applications

  • Athletic Locker Rooms
  • Athletic Training Centers
  • Professional & Collegiate Locker Rooms
  • High School Locker Rooms
  • Aquatic Centers
  • High-Moisture Areas
Zogics Team Phenolic Lockers Zogics Team Phenolic Lockers Zogics Team Phenolic Lockers

Featured Premium Finishes

Choose from a wide variety of premium modern-textured laminate finishes. Check out our featured finishes below (additional colors & textures available).

  • Zogics Team Laminate Lockers - White Finish White
  • Zogics CTeam Laminate Lockers - French Gray Finish French Gray
  • Zogics Team Laminate Lockers - Steel Finish Steel
  • Zogics Team Laminate Lockers - Storm Finish Storm
  • Zogics Team Laminate Lockers - Black Finish Black
  • Zogics Club Laminate Lockers - Blue Finish Blue
  • Zogics Team Laminate Lockers - White Wash Finish White Wash
  • Zogics Team Laminate Lockers - Elm Finish Elm
  • Zogics Team Laminate Lockers - Silver Plank Finish Silver Plank
  • Zogics Team Laminate Lockers - Driftwood Finish Driftwood
  • Zogics Team Laminate Lockers - Beigewood Finish Beigewood
  • Zogics Team Laminate Lockers - Oak Natural Finish Oak Natural
  • Zogics Team Laminate Lockers - Teak Finish Teak
  • Zogics Team Laminate Lockers - Elm Aged Finish Elm Aged
  • Zogics Team Laminate Lockers - Ash Finish Ash
  • Zogics Team Laminate Lockers - Charcoal Finish Charcoal
  • Zogics Team Laminate Lockers - Walnut Finish Walnut
  • Zogics Team Laminate Lockers - Walnut Aged Finish Walnut Aged

Lock Options

Security is essential for lockers. Choose from simple yet effective padlock hasps to high-tech options such as keypads and digital touch.

High Security Hasp lock image

High Security Hasp

  • Budget Friendly
  • Battery & Wire Free
  • Steel Plate Protects Finish
  • Dry/Wet Use
  • Color: Brushed Stainless Steel
Ojmar Combi lock image

Ojmar Combi Pro

  • Keyless 4-digit lock
  • Leading keyless mechanical lock
  • Waterproof
  • Colors: Silver, Black, White
Ojmar OCS Pro/Smart lock image

Ojmar OCS Pro/Smart

  • Touch keypad lock
  • Durable touch keypad
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Easy programming
  • Sleek design
  • Colors: Silver, Graphite, White
Ojmar Nexo NLX1 lock image

Ojmar Nexo NLX1

  • Wireless real-time lock system
  • Bluetooth & RFID operation
  • Remote monitoring
  • Control & data reports
  • Color: Silver

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Product Details


Zogics Phenolic Team Lockers are our most durable locker system available. Our Phenolic Team Lockers are made of a non-wood, solid resin panel that is built to last and is resistant to humidity, scratches, impact, & graffiti. Zogics Phenolic Team Lockers are extremely brandable, with multiple finish options and logo customization. Storage and secured cubbies are included in our team locker systems.

Returns: Zogics Lockers (Club & Team Lockers) cannot be returned. These products are manufactured and shipped specifically for the customer's specific needs, and cannot be restocked.