Create Safe Spaces with Disinfecting & Sanitizing Products for Fitness Facilities

We’ve worked with tens of thousands of fitness facilities and our expertise enables us to provide solutions you need to run your facility smoothly and safely. Protect your fitness center with our extensive selection of fitness facility cleaning supplies.
The best gym wipes and gym wipe dispensers
The Best Gym Wipes & Dispensers

Have a wipe dispenser every 500 sq/ft and in every room in your gym

Bulk format wipes are cost-effective for high-traffic facilities like gyms

Our range of wipes covers a variety of needs, from EPA-registered Antibacterial Wipes to versatile Sanitizing Wipes that can be used on both surfaces & hands

The Best Air Quality Systems for Gyms

Clean Air Systems with proven Ion & UV-C technology provide massive airflow with maximum comfort— and a valuable investment that helps health clubs attract and retain members

Portable fans and air purifiers are perfect for smaller studios to keep their air fresh and healthy

Ionization, UV-C light, PECO and HEPA filtration are all scientifically-backed methods of purifying your health club’s air

The best air quality systems for gyms

Evaclean Protexus Electrostatic Handheld Sprayer for Gyms
The Best Electrostatic Sprayers for Gyms

Disinfecting sprayers cover more square footage in 80% less time

Electrostatic & atomizing sprayers are the new standard for facility disinfection

When paired with the correct disinfectants, sprayers effectively disinfect surfaces and equipment without the risk of damage

The Best Hand Sanitizer Systems for Gyms

We recommend hand sanitizer at every entryway, in every bathroom, and at least one hand sanitizer dispenser in every room

Touch-free hand sanitizer dispensers are the most hygienic option

Alcohol-free hand sanitizers are just as effective as CDC-recommended 60%+ alcohol-based hand sanitizers when fighting COVID-19

The best hand sanitizer for gyms
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Let us help you and your fitness facility increase profitabiliy, retain & attract members, and lead the competition by maintaining a safe, clean, and healthy business.