Sanitaire MM Commercial Vacuum Bag for Canister Vacuum, 63253A (5 pack)

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MM Commercial Vacuum Bag

Vacuuming is a dirty, grimy, tedious job. It’s loud, noisy and obnoxious. Most people want to avoid it whenever possible.

Vacuum bags tearing apart is an endemic problem with nearly every clean-up crew and janitorial team. One tear, one puncture, one rip, and a pile of dust, grime, spiderwebs and goodness knows what else goes pouring out over your floor. It won’t do to use vacuum bags that are either fragile or don’t pick up dirt as they should.

Sanitaire vacuum bags are here to pick up the slack, pick up the dirt, and keep down the noise. Sanitaire bags are highly efficient and pick up any stray dirt and allergens to make a space feel and smell as well as look clean. They are durable and maintain a tight seal so they pick up dirt efficiently until full.

Refill your vacuum with Sanitaire commercial vacuum bags today, and get your space looking and feeling clean!

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