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HOSPECO Health Gards® Toilet Seat Cover Dispensers: An Essential Touch to Public Restroom Hygiene

Offer patrons a new standard in public restroom hygiene with the Health Gards lever-action toilet seat cover dispensers. Providing sanitary ready-to-use products, these dispensers eradicate the clumsy hurdles of unfolding or tearing seat covers, creating a simple and relaxed experience.

Emphasizing User Convenience

With numerous studies noting that 90% of people routinely examine public toilet seats for cleanliness, this high-quality product assists public users in maintaining a hygiene level suitable to their personal preference while reflecting your brand's commitment to cleanliness.

Practical Use and Maintenance: A Gateway to User Comfort

Using this innovative dispenser, a disposable paper cover is available at the light touch of a finger. The single dispensation method not only reduces waste, but also limits cleanup time for your maintenance staff.

This fully enclosed system ensures that refills stay pristine, untouched and primed for use – bypassing the laborious tasks of unfolding or tearing.

This toilet seat cover dispenser holds a HG-3000C refill pack that consists of 125 top-tier seat covers. Adding to the customer-friendly design, the dispenser is also compatible with lever-action seat covers bearing other branding. Each purchased unit comes packaged with the EVNT-KEY, a control key that aids user operation & adjustment.

Serving Diverse Industries for A Safer Public Health Landscape

These toilet seat cover dispensers are embraced by varied sectors, extending across:

  • Industrial and Manufacturing Entities
  • Office Centers, Property Management and Business Service Centers
  • Educational Institutions – Higher Education and K-12
  • Government Offices
  • Food Processing industries and Foodservice venues
  • Retail structures
  • Hotels and Other sectors within the Hospitality industry.

Broad endorsement attests to the device's salience in establishing safety and cleanliness. Choose Health Gards Toilet Seat Cover Dispensers to ensure the prioritization of restroom hygiene.

Product Highlights:

  • Readily gives a disposable paper cover with a light touch
  • Minimizes waste through single dispensation system
  • Reduces cleanup duty for maintenance staff with efficient design
  • Fully enclosed system keeping refills clean and untouched
  • Easy to mount and reload thus facilitating stress-free maintenance
  • Accommodates HG-3000C refill pack containing 125 premium seat covers
  • Compatible with other branded lever-action seat covers
  • Comes with EVNT-KEY, a control key for effortless user operation and adjustment
  • Dispensing: Single cover at one time
  • Technology: Lever activated
  • Dimensions: 17.11" W x 12.47" H x 2.24" D
  • Refill Access: Front load
  • For Use With: Health Gards Lever Dispenser Toilet Seat Covers HG-3000C
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