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Evogen No Touch Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser: Hygiene Excellence 

Welcome to refined cleanliness with Evogen No Touch Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser. Bridging the gap between progressive technology and superior cleanliness, it embodies a redesigned solution for public restroom hygiene.

Evogen Dispenser: Superior Restroom Experience

The dispenser houses automated sensors that issue a fresh and clean toilet seat cover with a simple hand gesture. This feature instills ultra-convenience and enforces optimal cleanliness standards, mitigating restroom hygiene challenges.

Sustained Supply with Evogen's Easy Refill Feature

The adaptable dispenser design allows smooth refill access and features a 'low supply' indicator through a flashing red light, ensuring adequate availability. Capable of accommodating up to 250 covers, it is an epitome of strategic design and user convenience. Extended battery longevity adds to overall efficiency.

Compact and Effective with Evogen Dispenser

The Evogen dispenser, with dimensions of 16.14" width, 12" depth, and a 2" height, presents a compact yet comprehensive hygiene solution, suitable for all public restroom scenarios. Fortify sanitary standards with the Evogen no-touch toilet seat cover dispenser.

Product Highlights:

  • Fully contained and hygienic dispense mechanism
  • Hands-free technology ensuring impeccable hygiene in restrooms
  • Dispenses single cover automatically upon hand wave
  • Flushable toilet seat covers maintain highest cleanliness
  • Holds up to 250 covers, compatible with Evogen Toilet Seat Covers EVNT-3125
  • Empty indicator with flashing red light on front ensures continuous availability
  • Convenient front load access for easy refill
  • Extended battery life, operating only when dispensing
  • Dispensing: Single cover at one time
  • Technology: Hands-free
  • Dimensions: 16.14" W x 12" D, 2" H
  • Empty Indicator: Flashing red light on front
  • Refill Access: Front load
  • Battery Life: Extended, operates only when dispensing
  • Batteries: 4 "AA"
  • For Use With: Evogen Toilet Seat Covers EVNT-3125
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