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  • Health Gards "Green" Recycled Toilet Seat Covers (+$22.95)
  • Discreet Seat Half-Fold Toilet Seat Covers (+$15.95)
  • Health Gards Half-Fold Toilet Seat Covers (+$55.95)

Health Gards® Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser: Reinventing Hygiene 

Ease guests hygiene concerns with the Health Gards® Half-Fold Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser – a reliable solution crafted to revolutionize restroom cleanliness. Made with durable high-impact polystyrene plastic, experience sturdiness that lasts.

Our wall-mountable dispenser is conveniently locatable, accessorising your restroom with a practical touch. Simplify installation with our self-adhesive tape, making essential hygiene readily available, eliminating the use of unhygienic makeshift toilet seat covers.

Sanitary Toilet Seat Covers: Offering Cleanliness and Convenience

Bid adieu to needless mess. Health Gards® dispenser holds two sleeves of 250 half-fold sanitary toilet seat covers effectively preventing misused toilet paper or towels. Provide your patrons with the gift of safety and comfort, turning a usual restroom visit into a pleasant, worry-free experience.

Catering to Top Industries with Reliable Wall-Mounted Dispensers

Our reliable dispenser caters to diverse industry needs, ranging from healthcare and industrial manufacturing to government, food processing, and the service industry. It's a staple in both educational and retail spaces, ensuring every restroom can uphold superior hygiene standards.Recommended for:

  • Healthcare, Industrial/Manufacturing
  • Office/Property Management, Building Service Contractor
  • Higher Education, K-12 Education
  • Government, Food Processing, and Foodservice
  • Retail and Hospitality

Make the switch to Health Gards® Half-Fold Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser, and discover the effortless blend of function and hygiene that sets you apart.

Product Highlights:

  • Made with high-impact polystyrene plastic for long-lasting durability
  • Holds two sleeves of 250 half-fold toilet seat covers
  • Wall-mountable design makes for easy installation
  • Equipped with self-adhesive tape for quicker mounting process
  • Can be easily refilled, keeping high traffic restrooms functioning efficiently
  • Ideal for various industries like healthcare, office management, education, government, food industries, retail and hospitality sectors
  • An essential addition to restrooms aiming for a clean, practical, and efficient environment
  • Dispensing: Single cover per usage
  • Material: High-impact polystyrene plastic
  • Storage: Holds two packs of 250 half-fold seat covers
  • Mounting: Comes with self-adhesive tape
  • Dimensions: 16.18" W x 3.05" H x 11.22" D
  • Compatibility: Ideal for use with Health Gards® half-fold toilet seat covers, including GREEN-1000, DS-1000, HG-5000
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