Kimberly-Clark Scott SCOTTFOLD Towel, White, 01960 (175 towels/pack) (25 packs/case)

KCC 01960
20.00 LBS
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Scott® Multifold Towels | SCOTTFOLD Towels

The Scott® SCOTTFOLD Towels deliver true one-at-a-time dispensing. Designed to reduce tabbing, tearing and multiple dispensing, these folded towels are the true answer to your cost saving questions. Designed with Absorbency Pockets that absorb lots of water fast, these multifold towels reduce waste while providing excellent hand drying. Ideal for high traffic areas, the hand towels come in cases of 16 packs at 250 sheets per pack. This premium towel fits into any multi-fold dispenser.

Product Highlights:

  • Feature a patented fold that creates 2-ply thickness and eliminates tearing and tabbing, so your guests and employees will waste less
  • Exclusive Absorbency Pockets provide better absorbency for hand-drying efficiency
  • Hygienic, touchless dispensing with many universal folded towel dispensers
  • Only touch the disposable paper towel you use
  • The Scott Brand guarantees these multifold paper towels will be cost-neutral (vs. C-fold towels)
  • Towel Count: 175 sheets/pack
  • Quantity: 25 packs/case
  • Sheet Size: 7.8" w x 12.4" l
  • Color: White
  • Towel Type: Folded
  • Number of Plies: 1
  • Scent: Unscented
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