Flagged Tip Brush for MotorScrubber Cleaning Machines

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MotorScrubber Floor Scrubbing Brush | Flagged Tip Brush

This floor scrubbing brush is designed to fit on the MotorScrubber Floor Machines and is great for everyday cleaning and scrubbing. This flagged tipped brush has long, soft bristles great for air vents and cleaning plastics. You can pair with the ProWash for cleaning vehicles and exterior surfaces.

For Use With


  • Wide 7" brush
  • Delicate and long bristles 
  • Ideal for cleaning plastics and air vents
  • Brush Width: 7"
  • Number of Strands Per Unit: 68-78
  • Number of Tuft Holes: 208
  • Tuft Hole Diameter: 5mm
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