Suction Kit for MotorScrubber Cleaning Machines

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MotorScrubber Suction Kit| Floor Machine Accessories

This floor scrubbing suction kit is designed to fit on the MotorScrubber Floor Machines and is great for everyday cleaning and scrubbing. This tile and grout brush is the most abrasive brush for cleaning tile and restoring grout.

What's Included: 

  • Suction Housing
  • Universal Hose Adapter
  • 5 Meter Hose
  • (2) Hose Clamps
  • Quick Fit Squeegees (Front and Back)

For Use With

Product Highlights:

  • Upgrade available for both JET3 and M3 models
  • Enhance productivity by allowing simultaneous scrubbing and drying
  • Simple connection to any wet vac with a Universal Hose adapter
  • Installation can be completed in under 5 minutes
  • Model Compatibility: JET3, M3
  • Installation Time: 5 minutes
  • Vacuum Connection: Universal Hose adapter
  • Product Code: MSF61
  • Functionality: Scrub and dry simultaneously
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