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Mr. Clean Multi Surface Cleaner | Finished Lemon Scent Floor Cleaner

Mr. Clean Finished Floor Cleaner is a powerful professional cleaner liquid that removes tough ground-in dirt and preserves shine. Mr. Clean multi surface cleaner can be used on ceramic and vinyl tile, terrazzo flooring, and varnished hardwoods. This versatile cleaning product makes cleaning easy because it penetrates and dissolves tough grease and dirt on contact and is designed to extend life between scrub and recoat. Recommended dilution: manual (1:128), automatic machines (1:512).


  • Dissolves and removes tough dirt without leaving a dulling residue
  • This multi purpose cleaner delivers shine
  • Can be used as an all-purpose cleaner for a variety of surfaces, including walls, tables, countertops and restroom
  • Low-suds formula is suitable for automatic floor scrubbing machines
  • Recommended dilution: manual (1:128), automatic machines (1:512).
  • Application: Floor Cleaner/Degreaser
  • Scent: Lemon
  • Physical Form: Bottle
  • Packing Type: Packet
  • Dirt Types: Dust,Food Residue,Grease,Grime,Organic Matter,Soil
  • Applicable Material: Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT),Solid Vinyl Tile (SVT),Linoleum,Sheet Vinyl,Laminates,Glass,Sealed Cement/Concrete,Ceramic Tile,Terra Cotta,Terrazzo,Quarry Tile,Polished/Sealed Stone
  • Capacity (Volume): 1 gal
  • Compliance Standards: DfE Certified,UL Classified 43R9 as to slip resistance
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