Q-tips Cotton Swabs, 300/Pack

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Q-Tips | Cotton Swabs

Q-tips cotton swabs are the ultimate tool for beauty and home use. The swabs are crafted with soft cotton that extends from the end of the stick to the tip of the swab, and a flexible stick that enables users to apply them in various ways. These paper sticks are sourced from sustainable forests. When composted, the cotton swabs are biodegradable, and the packaging is recyclable. The cotton swabs are made from 100% pure cotton. From beauty to first aid Q-Tips are versatile tool to have on hand.

Product Highlights 

  • 100% pure cotton
  • Versatile tool for makeup to cleaning
  • Soft tips
  • Biodegradable
  • Material: Cotton
  • Quantity: 300/pack, 12/carton
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