Naturelle Tampons, Regular with Cardboard Applicator, 500 Box/Case

30.00 LBS
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Tampons, Regular Absorbency with Cardboard Applicator, 500 Box/Case | Naturelle 

The Naturelle Regular Absorbency Tampons offer up to eight hours of comfortable protection. They have a four-ply cardboard application with a smooth tip for easy use. These bulk tampons come enclosed in a protective sleeve making them great for high-traffic bathrooms and as refills in tampon vending machines. Feel comfortable and confident while on your period with you use these tampons. 

Product Highlights:

  • Easy-to-use smooth tip
  • Four-ply cardboard applicator that is biodegradable and flushable
  • Easy-to-grasp grip
  • Enclosed in a protective sleeve
  • Great refill in tampon vendors in restrooms
  • Quantity: 500 units/case
  • Absorbency: Regular
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