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Improving indoor air quality has numerous benefits for your business. It can enhance employee health and productivity and instill trust that your facility is committed to workplace safety. We’re proud to offer indoor air quality products that remove a myriad of pollutants, and create more comfortable spaces, from air filtration systems to commercial and industrial fans and more.

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Indoor Air Quality Solutions from Zogics

Indoor Air Quality Subcategories

Commercial Fans

Commercial Fans

From warehouses to workshops, gyms and more, improve your airflow, energy efficiency, and overall comfort levels.

Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative Coolers

Also known as Swamp Coolers, these efficient machines use water to bring air temperatures down, improving productivity and comfort levels.

Air Filtration Systems

Air Filtration Systems

With options for small rooms to larger spaces, breathe easier with air purifiers that remove allergens, pollutants, viruses and more.

Air Monitoring Systems

Air Monitoring

You can't manage what you can't measure. Air monitoring systems deliver accurate and important metrics about your IAQ.

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Standards of safety and disinfection protocols have changed, and indoor air quality is top of mind for offices, hospitals, schools, long-term care facilities and more. From portable air filters, energy efficient evaporative coolers and air movers to full facility-wide systems, Zogics takes the care of the science behind IAQ so you can focus on the results.

Reduce Your Energy Costs

Reduce Energy Costs

with Zogics & Big Ass Fans®

Heating and cooling costs account for at least 45% of energy costs in most commercial buildings. We’re here to reduce those costs and improve your energy efficiency.

Talk to a Solutions Expert

Talk to a Solutions Expert

Get started today

Our team of indoor air quality experts is ready to walk you through all of the ways to create better air in your spaces and help you find the solutions that work best for your needs.


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Download our guide: How IAQ Improvements Affect Health, Safety, and Your ROI

How IAQ Improvements Affect Health, Safety, and Your ROI

With over 15 years of experience, our team will help find the right tools to help you improve your IAQ standards. We approach IAQ from a whole-facility perspective, with the goal of not only reducing contaminants in the air but also improving the comfort level of building occupants through air quality improvements. Ready to reap the benefits of better indoor air? Download our free guide to learn more.

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