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Bobrick Sanitary Napkin Disposal

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14.00 LBS

Bobrick B-353 Sanitary Napkin Disposal

Stainless Steel Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Always:
    • Wipe or polish with the grain direction of satin finishes
    • Remove any cleaning or soap residue from stainless surface with water and wipe dry with clean cloth
  • Caution:
    • Avoid cleaning products containing bleach, hydrochloric acids and or chlorides . . . these are frequently found in toilet bowl or tile cleaners and in abrasive scrubbing powders.
    • Avoid use of steel wool which can leave behind fi ne particles that cause surface rust.
    • Avoid use of abrasive cleaners on bright polish stainless steel surfaces.
  • Bobrick Sanitary Napkin Disposal Specifications
  • Bobrick Stainless Steel Cleaning Instructions
Manufacturer Part Number B-353 or B-354
Dimensions 5" w x 13" d x 18" h
Capacity 1.2 gallom
Material Satin-finish stainless steel
Color Metallic
Weight 14 lbs
Mounting Option Recessed, or Partition Mounted


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