American Specialties Channel Frame Mirror with Shelf

$153.76 - $270.00
35.00 LBS

American Specialties ASI-0625 | Channel Frame Mirror

American Specialties ASI 0625 Channel Frame Mirror with Shelf. Stainless Steel frame and mirror great for schools, hospitals and office buildings.

Mirror glazing shall be warranted for 15 years against silver spoilage. All edges of mirror shall be protected by friction and chafe absorbing fillers. Back of mirror shall be protected by full size shock-absorbing water-resistant filler and full size one piece 20 gauge corrosion protected steel. Top and bottom wall mounting brackets shall be spot welded into an “H” for easy installation. Mirror shall be secured to lower bracket with a locking screw. Finish of unit shall be protected from marring by easily removed self adhesive polyvinyl (PVC) film.


Stainless steel alloy 18-8, type 304, 20 gauge (.036 in. <.91mm> thick) stainless steel. Roll-formed one piece construction. Exposed surfaces shall have No 4 satin finish. Edges and corners are burr free.


Stainless steel alloy 18-8, type 304, 18 gauge (.048 in. <1.2mm> thick) stainless steel. Unitized all welded construction. Exposed surfaces shall have No 4 satin finish. Edges and corners are burr free


Standard glazing is No 1 quality, 1/4"inch (6mm) thick plate/float, silver coated and hermetically sealed with a uniform copper plating, and warranted against silver spoilage for 15 years. Mirrors meet Federal Spec. DD-M-411C, ASTM -C1036-91.


Expanded polyethylene microcell foam sheet material, abrasion resistant and shock absorbing, water resistant, 1/8′′ inch (3.2m) total layer thickness.


Manufacturer Part Number 0625-1624, 0625-1630, 0625-1824, 0625-1830, 0625-1836, 0625-2430, 0625-2436
Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 43 x 29 x 8 in
Materials Stainless Steel Chan-Lok Frame Plate Glass Mirror with Shelf
Frame Type Channel
Frame Material ½" x ½" x ½" (13 x 13 x 13 mm) 20 gauge type 304 satin finish stainless steel channel is a one piece roll formed member that encases mirror and backing revealing a tight mitered corner
Shelf Width 5"
Shelf Material 18 gauge stainless steel with satin finish and all edges returned and hemmed for maximum rigidity and safety
Glazing Options Units are supplied with 1/4′′ thick plate glass. Other glazing options are available. For a complete description of any other available glazing, see the MIRROR GLAZING OPTIONS chart.
Fabrication Note Mirrors larger than 21 sq. ft. (1.95m2 ) are fabricated in two or more sections to provide installation and handling ease
Installation Install “H” wall brackets level and plumb per diagram location using ONLY No 10 Pan Head screws (by others). Hang mirror on brackets and tighten locking screw at bottom (Note: this screw should be started prior to hanging frame). For compliance with ADA Accessibility Guidelines, bottom edge of reflecting surface should be no higher than 40" (1016mm) above finished floor(AFF).
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