Protexus Electrostatic Sprayers

360° disinfection & sanitizing tools
The Protexus Electrostatic Handheld Sprayer

What is the Protexus Sprayer?

While they resemble simple pumps or misters and are as easy to operate, the Protexus electrostatic sprayer in EvaClean’s system houses revolutionary innovations that provide every worker with a powerful tool to attack microbes and decontaminate facilities more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Electrostatic sprayers are the newest tools in the cleaning industry, used to disinfect surfaces with electrically charged particles for even, complete disinfecting coverage. To the untrained eye, these just look like “spray guns” but in fact, they're advanced disinfection technology based on innovations going back more than 50 years.

Based on the principle that opposite electrical charges attract, if you take the “positive” end of a magnet and put it against the “negative” end of another magnet, they attract and stick. If you put the positive ends of two magnets together, however, they repel each other. An electrostatic sprayer is a device that electrically charges disinfectant, giving the solution a positive charge. Electrostatic sprayers use this principle to ensure fast, even coverage of the disinfecting agent.

The electrostatic power of the Protexus sprayer cleans in 360 degrees

Why Protexus?

Protexus sprayers are superior to any other sprayer, mister or fogger. This cutting-edge system combines electrostatic delivery with advanced battery technology that empowers your staff to effectively disinfect more thoroughly and with less training than ever before.

The Protexus Backpack Sprayer cleans around curved and hard to reach surfaces

Electrostatic charged droplets create a field in the spray plume that is magnetically drawn to any surface within 6 feet. Unlike other systems, the Protexus sprayer’s unique three tiered applicator nozzle is easily adjusted to change droplet size, accommodating any product’s labeling requirement. This fine-tuning capability provides unmatched flexibility – ensuring consistent performance and versatility, while eliminating the waste and overuse of chemicals.

Protexus & COVID-19

When used with PURTABS at a PPM of 4306, Protexus Electrostatic Sprayers are an effective tool to kill SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

PURTABS are EPA registered sanitizing & disinfecting tablets that readily dissolve in water. They’re safer for humans and the environment than traditional chemicals, but are powerful on dirty surfaces. PURTABS have a long list of kill claims in addition to COVID-19 including Norovirus, MRSA, cold & flu viruses, herpes & polio, E Coli, and more.


Protexus vs. Conventional Methods

The Protexus Handheld Sprayer in use

With an attraction coefficient 15 times greater than gravity, the electrostatic force field is so powerful the plume reverses direction to coat hidden and hard to reach surfaces that would typically be missed by conventional spraying or misting equipment.

PURTABS are easy to use with the Protexus Sprayer

The Protexus Electrostatic Sprayer is easy to use, meaning staff training time is virtually eliminated. Its touchless electrostatic delivery of PURTABS disinfecting solution keeps you protected during cleaning routines, and greatly reduces the time needed to disinfect your facility.

Electrostatic On/Off

Electrostatic On/Off

Electrostatic charge can be disabled or enabled as needed.
Quiet Operation

Quiet Operation

At only 60dB, the Protexus is a quiet performer.
Adjustable Nozzle

Adjustable Nozzle

Allows easy adjustment of particle size.
Built-in Head Light

Built-in Head Light

Illuminates work surface for precise coverage.
Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic Design

Over molded handle provides a soft grip for comfort.
Cordless Operation

Cordless Operation

16.8V Lithium Ion battery carries an approx. charge of 4 hours.
Lightweight and Portable

Lightweight & Portable

Handheld weighs in at a mere 3.8 lbs for easy operation.
Trigger Safety Lock

Trigger Safety Lock

Prevents accidental spraying when not in use.
Instructional Video

How to Use Protexus Sprayers

For more information, check out our Quick Start Guides for the Handheld Sprayer and Backpack Sprayer.

Replacement Parts & Accessories

Protexus Accessories

Protexus 60-Micron Spray Nozzle PX55ES
Protexus 60-Micron Spray Nozzle
Protexus Professional 16.8 Volt Battery PX20ES
Protexus Professional 16.8 Volt Battery
Protexus Professional 16.8 Volt Charger PX10
Protexus Professional 16.8 Volt Charger
Protexus Handheld Sprayer Replacement Tank PX30
Protexus Handheld Sprayer Replacement Tank
PURTABS Disinfecting Tabs, 100 per carton ESPT334MG
PURTABS Disinfecting Tabs, 100/carton
PURTABS Disinfecting Tabs, 200 per tub ESPT3.3G
PURTABS Disinfecting Tabs, 200/tub
PURTABS Disinfecting Tabs, 256 per tub ESPT13.1G
PURTABS Disinfecting Tabs, 256/tub
Frequently Asked Questions


(:1f535:) For kitchen surfaces and eating surfaces is there any precautions or cleaning needed after Protexus/PURTAB application?

At the 1076 concentration, you would want to rinse any areas that come directly in contact with food; cutting boards, plates, etc. If using the 334mg tab at 100 ppm, no rinse is necessary as it is NSF D2 registered.

(:1f535:) Can this be used in offices?

Yes, the Protexus sprayer is suitable for offices.

(:1f535:) Does it leave a damp residue on fabrics or paper?

Yes. Papers should be removed, not directly sprayed on.

(:1f535:) Are there concerns about using it around computers, phones or other electrical devices?

EvaClean's Protexus Sprayer, combined with PUR:TABS, can be used around standard office equipment such as laptops, desktops, keyboards and monitors but should not be applied directly to any sensitive electronics. Before applying, reference the equipment manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and disinfecting.

(:1f535:) Can any disinfectant be used with the Protexus sprayer?

Only PURTABS have been tested, verified, and measured to achieve repeatable results, based on application and dwell times. EarthSafe makes no warranties or representations regarding products that are not part of the EvaClean Program. PUR:ONE is not to be used with the Protexus sprayers.

(:1f535:) Does the Protexus sprayer have a safety certification?

All Protexus sprayers have ETL Certification which is the equivalent to UL and certifies that the products have met all the minimum safety standard requirements established by OSHA and carried out by Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories. The selection of either certification largely comes down to the ETL having a larger pool of testing facilities and the ability to process registrations faster than UL. Neither carries any benefit over the other.

(:1f535:) How many square feet will one 32 oz. tank of the Protexus sprayer cover?

A 32oz tank will cover about 800–1,000 square feet. The variation is dependent on nozzle setting and surface material.

(:1f535:) What is an electrostatic sprayer?

The electrostatic charge of the sprayer allows the droplets to attract to the surface rather than float in the air, as is typically associated with a mister or fogger. Misters and foggers are associated with worker exposure and respirable concerns. EarthSafe has conducted OSHA and NIOSH third party testing ensuring that there are no safety concerns for acute or long term worker exposure. It was established that exposure levels or PURTABS when sprayed with the Protexus Electrostatic Sprayer fall below established Permissible Exposure Levels (PEL).

(:1f535:) Does the Protexus sprayer need to have EPA registration or FDA approval?

No. It is a mechanical sprayer and is simply an alternative method of application from traditional spray bottles. The electrostatic charge (which can be turned on or off by the user) is simply an assistive mechanism to aid the user in more efficient and comprehensive application of EPA Registered chemical disinfectants and sanitizers to surfaces.

(:1f535:) Will the “wrap around” be effective on all surfaces and sizes?

In most environmental conditions the electrostatic wrap allows workers to achieve 3 x the coverage of a traditional spray bottle. However, in certain environmental conditions (i.e. wind, room humidity, etc.) delivery with the sprayer may not be completely uniform. Wrap should encompass 3-4 inches around each sprayed object. In certain instances, one will have to spray around certain objects and surfaces to obtain full coverage due to size, distance and substrate variations.

(:1f535:) Do you still have to clean before using the Protexus sprayer?

Yes. You will still remove visible soil (unlike a one-step process where you would have to clean/disinfect every spot by keeping it wet for the required amount of time), and then spray to achieve complete and quick sanitizing or disinfection. PUR:ONE can be used with microfiber cloths, dry wipes, and spray bottles to clean/disinfect surfaces prior to enhanced disinfection with the Protexus Sprayer and PURTABS.

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