Foaming Glass Cleaner, 19 oz Aerosol Spray Can | Weiman

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Foaming Glass Cleaner Aerosol Spray| Weiman

Clean and give your glass surfaces an invisible protective barrier with the Foaming Glass Cleaner from Weiman. This fast-acting formula foams on contact, cleans quickly and creates a barrier to make the surface less susceptible to visual marks. From fingerprints to dirt this reliable glass cleaner will leave glass surfaces brilliant shine.

Product Highlights:

  • Great choice for all glass surfaces
  • Removes fingerprints, smudges, dust and dirt
  • Leaves a crystal clear glass finish
  • Aerosol foams on contact and will never drip down surface
  • Coats glass surfaces with an invisible protective barrier
  • Application: Glass Cleaner
  • Physical Form: Foam
  • Chemical Compound: 2-Butoxyethanol, Ethyl Alcohol, Butane, Propane, Morpholine
  • Packing Type: Can
  • Dirt Types:  Dust, Fingerprints, Grease, Grime, Smudges
  • Applicable Material: Glass, Plastic
  • Capacity (Volume): 19 oz
  • Scent: Unscented
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