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Remove Stains, Eliminate Odors, and Prevent Buildup: An All-In-One Urinal Solution

Keep your urinals fresh and clean with Instant Power Professional Waterless Urinal Cleaner! This innovative all-in-one solution simplifies urinal care by effectively removing stains, scale, and buildup while controlling odors associated with urine and organic residues. Say goodbye to clogs and malfunctions with its preventive action that inhibits the accumulation of uric acid and other deposits, ensuring seamless operation.

Enjoy the convenience of a ready-to-use formula with a neutral pH, making application safe and effortless. Each use leaves behind a refreshing scent, enhancing the restroom experience. Whether you're managing hotels, schools, or any high-traffic restrooms, this cleaner is designed for heavy-duty usage, offering superior performance and versatility.

Product Highlights:

  • All-in-one solution for urinal cleaning, deodorizing, and preventative maintenance:
    • Removes stains, scale, and buildup from urinal surfaces effectively
    • Eliminates and controls odors associated with urine and organic residues
    • Prevents the accumulation of uric acid and other deposits to prevent clogs and malfunctions
  • Ready-to-use formula with a neutral pH for safe and easy application
  • Leaves a fresh, pleasant scent after each use
  • Suitable for use in waterless urinals and for cleaning regular urinals, toilets, and tile floors
  • Designed for heavy-duty usage in various settings, including:
    • Hotels, apartment complexes, restaurants, cafeterias, schools, hospitals, assisted living facilities, sports complexes, airports, offices, residences, or any high-traffic restrooms

How To Use:

  • Daily Cleaning Directions:
    • Wear gloves and goggles before cleaning.
    • Spray Waterless Urinal Cleaner onto the urinal surface.
    • Allow the cleaner to stand on the urinal for approximately 1 minute.
    • Wipe the urinal clean with a non-abrasive cloth.
      • Avoid pouring excess or soiled water down the waterless urinal trap, as it may flush out the Sealing Liquid. Do not use other cleaning fluids.
  • Bi-monthly Flush-out or Cartridge Changes:
    • After cartridge removal, spray Waterless Urinal Cleaner onto the inside and outside urinal surfaces.
    • Wipe the urinal clean with a non-abrasive cloth.
    • Pour 3 ounces directly into the drain to remove odors and prevent future buildup.

For Use With

  • As the urinal is used, small amounts of sealing liquid will drain into the waste line and need replenishment, typically after 1500 uses. In a typical school, for example, this amounts to approximately 2 refills per month. We recommend Instant Power Professional Waterless Urinal Sealing Liquid. The frequency of replenishment will vary depending on the usage level of the urinal.
  • Volume Capacity: 1 Gallon
  • Quantity: 4 Bottles/Case
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