Original Strip Washer, Green Nylon Handle | Unger

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Unger Original Strip Washer | Zogics

From cleaning windows to dusting rely on this Unger Original Strip Washer. With it's innovative T-shaped handle, this washer releases water through the strip as needed. The plush, woven synthetic fabric is both gentle and strong, tackling everyday tasks easily. Machine washable.

Product Highlights:

  • T-shaped handle with water wells that release water through strip
  • Plush, woven synthetic fabric
  • Great for cleaning windows, screens and dusting.
  • Fabric is sturdy, with reinforced zigzag-stitched ends
  • Machine washable.
  • Handle Material: Nylon
  • Handle Type: Straight
  • Blade Width: 10", 14" or 18"
  • Blade Color: Green
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