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Enjoy Freshness with UltraAir 2.0 Deodorizing Screens

The UltraAir 2.0 Deodorizing Screens come packed with over 25% more fragrance than provided by most competing brands. Imagine walking into a restroom that never loses its clean scent. We make that reality, maintaining a fresh and pleasant environment in your facilities that people will remember for all the right reasons.

Change Reminders & Enhanced Durability

These urinal screens stand apart through efficiency and convenience. Fitted with exact 30-day service reminder tabs, you'll never lose track of when to replace the screens. This built-in feature aids in maximizing product utility while minimizing unnecessary waste, presenting a cost-effective solution.

The deodorizing screens also boast an upper hand in their design. Integrated with larger anti-splash spikes, these urinal screens effectively curtail splashback, upholding cleanliness and reducing restroom maintenance.

Adaptable to Any Urinal Design

The urinals screens sport a flexible design that easily conforms to any urinal – a universal fit for varied washroom environments.

From bars and restaurants to offices and malls, UltraAir 2.0 Screens are proven perfect for commercial establishments wishing to uphold high cleanliness and hygiene standards. Step in to the world of freshness relayed by these powerful odour neutralizers, and they don’t just refresh your senses, they redefine your restroom experiences, smartly and sustainably.

Product Highlights:

  • 25% more fragrance than most competitors
  • Exact 30-day service reminder tabs for easy track of replacement schedule
  • Large anti-splash spikes for minimum splashback and maximum cleanliness
  • Flexible design perfect for any urinal
  • High hygiene standard, optimal for commercial establishments
  • Odor neutralizing power for a cleaner, fresher restroom environment
  • Environmentally friendly, sustainable choice
  • Cost-effective solution for facility upkeep and cleanliness management
  • Material: Flexible EVA
  • Quantity: 10 Pack
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