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Cleaner, Fresher, More Efficient Facilities with AirWorks Splash Free Urinal Screens

Maintaining a clean, fresh and sanitary environment in your facilities is now effortless thanks to AirWorks® Splash Free Urinal Screens. They offer optimal functionality and exclusive features that will keep your establishment dry, spotless and smelling great.

Enhanced with Cutting-Edge Micro-Tube Technology

Reinvigorate your restroom circuit with the exceptional freshness delivered by the patented Micro-Tube Technology. Each use triggers a burst of fragrance that effectively counteracts offensive odors, creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Beyond simply freshening up, this technology features a unique draining system to maintain a residue-free screen, a significant improvement that adds to cleanliness and ultimately enhances the comfort of your facility.

No Splash, No Mess with AirWorks Urinal Screens

AirWorks Splash Free Urinal Screens are meticulously designed to prevent any unsettling splash-back, keeping the urinal and surrounding area clean. This diminishes maintenance efforts and creates an invariably hygienic experience for your patrons. Long-lasting cleanliness and dryness are no longer dreams with this bathroom essential from AirWorks®.

Save With AirWorks: Prevent Plumbing Repairs

These urinal screens do more than ensure cleanliness and suppress unpleasant odors. They are the gatekeepers that effectively block the passage of debris into drains. Utilizing AirWorks® urinal screens drastically reduces the risk of clogging and potential expensive plumbing repairs, saving your budget in the long term.

Additionally, the screen is crafted from a flexible EVA material with raised feet on the bottom. This makes it ideal for both dry and standing water urinals, further broadening its applications and benefits.

With AirWorks® Splash Free Urinal Screens, you've got an effective, cost-saving solution that improves cleanliness, enhances user experience, and promotes operational efficiency in your facility. 

Product Highlights:

  • Enhanced with new patented Micro-Tube Technology
  • Releases a fresh burst of fragrance with each use
  • Keeps both the facility and the patron clean and dry
  • Unique draining system leaves the screen residue-free
  • Formulated with enzymes to combat unpleasant odors
  • Effectively prevents debris from entering drains to avoid costly repairs
  • Made of flexible EVA material suitable for both dry and standing water urinals
  • Designed with raised feet on the bottom to enhance usability
  • Material: Flexible EVA
  • Quantity: 10 Pack
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