Cleaning Cart with Zipper Yellow Vinyl Bag, 3-Shelf | Rubbermaid

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Rubbermaid Janitorial Cart: An Efficient Solution for All Your Cleaning Needs

Introducing our Rubbermaid Janitorial Cleaning Cart, a versatile and durable cleaning solution designed to streamline your cleaning tasks and enhance staff efficiency. This innovative cart is specifically engineered to meet the rigorous demands of commercial janitorial services, ensuring a clean and organized environment for your facility.

Streamlined Efficiency with Rubbermaid Cleaning Cart

Our cleaning cart is designed with three spacious shelves, providing ample storage space for all your cleaning essentials. From mop handles to paper towels, this cart offers convenient molded-in holders to keep your supplies secure, organized, and readily accessible.

Easy Trash Removal with Zippered Bag

Say goodbye to cumbersome trash removal processes. Our janitorial cart comes with a zippered yellow vinyl bag, making trash disposal effortless and hygienic. Simply zip up the bag and dispose of waste promptly and efficiently, maintaining a clean and odor-free environment.

Cleaning becomes a breeze with the smooth surface of our cleaning cart. It is easy to wipe down and sanitize, ensuring optimal cleanliness and hygiene standards are maintained consistently.

Rubbermaid Janitorial Cart with Durable Construction

Built to last, our Rubbermaid janitorial cart guarantees long-term durability. The cart rolls effortlessly on nonmarking casters, allowing for easy maneuverability without leaving unsightly marks on your floors. Move swiftly around your facility, reaching every corner effectively.

Our cleaning cart is expertly crafted to accommodate various cleaning containers. The platform easily accommodates a 32-gallon container or standard-size buckets (not included), optimizing your cleaning operations and creating a clutter-free space.

Product Highlights:

  • Smooth surface is easy to clean
  • Zippered bag for easy trash removal
  • Molded-in holders for cleaning essentials, from mops to towels
  • Wire form holder to keep polyliner secure
  • Rolls on nonmarking casters
  • Overall Width: 20"
  • Height Maximum: 38.25"
  • Overall Depth: 45"
  • Shelf Count: 3
  • Caster/Glide/Wheel: 4 Casters
  • Package Includes: 25-gallon Yellow Vinyl Bag
  • Color: Black
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